Education and public awareness

Education & Public Awareness  

Working with schools, youth groups, local communities and even football clubs, we believe everyone can play a role in ending domestic abuse.

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Come Together To End Domestic Abuse 

We know that domestic abuse is devastatingly common: 1.6 million women experience domestic abuse every year, though that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as so many women don’t report abuse due to fear or the worry they’ll be judged or not believed. With three women being killed a fortnight by a
current or ex-partner, so much needs to change before women are safe.

Come Together to End Domestic Abuse is the Women’s Aid 50th birthday campaign – the organisation will celebrate its 50th in 2024, and we are launching this year to demonstrate how we can make a difference if we come together across society and across communities to do what we can.

Current awareness raising campaigns

We want more people to understand to what domestic abuse is. Our public awareness raising campaigns aim to show that domestic abuse is a major social issue with a devastating impact. To learn more about our specific campaigns to change government policy, head to campaigning and influencing.

Not Model’s Own 

Our Not Model’s Own campaign aims to highlight the underlying controlling behaviour that is prevalent in coercive controlling relationships.

Lockdown Films

Our Lockdown films aim to highlight the unique way that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted survivors.

Previous awareness raising campaigns 

Domestic abuse is a continuing major social issue and we are constantly working and campaigning to bring domestic abuse to an end.

Hidden victims of domestic abuse

Our latest campaign shines a light on the hidden victims of abuse: children. Watch it now.

Blind Eye

Blind Eye

Our Blind Eye awareness-raising campaign aims to challenge the culture that allows domestic abuse to thrive.

Collectable card by Phil Ropy

A new, digital way to raise awareness of domestic abuse during 16 Days..

Love should not hurt

A powerful music video in collaboration with classical composer Fabio D’Andrea, featuring Women’s Aid patron Melanie Brown..

Starting conversations in the community 

Domestic abuse is a continuing major social issue and we are constantly working and campaigning to bring domestic abuse to an end.

Change That Lasts

We train the community, professionals and specialist services to give the right response to survivors, the first time they speak out about abuse.

Football United players

Football United

We are working with the footballing community to raise awareness and reduce domestic violence in the future

Operation Encompass

We are encouraging all police forces in England to take up Operation Encompass and work towards making children safer by engaging with schools at the earliest possible point.

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