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Football United Against Domestic Abuse is a campaign by Women’s Aid, which sends a clear message that domestic abuse is always unacceptable. Together we aim to call out the misogynistic and sexist behaviour that often underpins violence towards women and girls. We don’t let violence on the pitch go unpunished – so why is abuse at home tolerated? 

We established the football campaign just over ten years ago, and since then we have worked with the football community to unite players, clubs, and fans at all levels of the game against behaviour and attitudes that underpin domestic violence. Over the past decade we have worked with Bristol University on a feasibility study report on football and domestic abuse; and worked with footballing organisations including the PFA, Premier League, PFA and FA. We created a short film to raise awareness and have appeared in matchday programmes in a number of clubs throughout the Premier League and EFL. We continue to work closely with football clubs directly on a range of areas from training to awareness and developing HR policies. 

With the PFA, we worked with them to develop content about respectful relationships for players, and about the impact of social media on attitudes. We have developed resources for local police and councils around big international tournaments to raise awareness and have met and worked with a number of clubs over the years, including providing training for matchday staff, from hospitality to stewards. The campaign has also been supported by the Parliamentary football team, and we have held our own “Football United” games with them to raise funds and awareness. 

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