Routes to Support

Routes to Support: previously called UKRefugesonline

Routes to Support” is the UK-wide online database for domestic abuse and other violence against women services. It provides details of services available for women and children throughout the UK, including up-to-date refuge vacancies. Routes to Support was previously called UKrefugesonline (UKROL)

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What does Routes to Support include?

  • Detailed, up to date information about local and national violence against women services including residential and community based support.
  • Up to date information about vacancies (bedspaces) available in refuges.
  • Accurate and up-dated public and non-public contact details to help you make and receive referrals.
  • Search functions to help you locate the right service using a full range of criteria including specialised support, referral criteria, children’s facilities, accessibility information, geographical areas and of course, refuge vacancies.

Who can access Routes to Support?

Routes to Support is only available to refuge and domestic violence/abuse service providers who meet the access criteria.

Staff who are responsible for building and administering the system are subject to a confidentiality agreement. Routes to Support is an internet based database hosted on a password protected website so once you have access you can use it on any device with internet connection.

Who is the system managed by?

The Routes to Support project as a whole is managed by the ‘Project Partners’:

  • Women’s Aid Federation of Northern Ireland.
  • Scottish Women’s Aid.
  • Welsh Women’s Aid.
  • Women’s Aid Federation of England.

Each partner collects and updates the information on services in their part of the UK.

Who is responsible for coordinating Routes to Support?

Women’s Aid Federation England is currently responsible for coordination of the Routes to Support project. If you have any queries about the technical site, funding and fundraising or the partnership, please contact the Routes to Support Project Coordinator on:

Watch this short video celebrating the 20th anniversary of Routes to Support:

Routes to Support is supported and part funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

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