Supporting our members

Supporting our members

Who are members of Women’s Aid?

Member services of Women’s Aid provide specialist, direct domestic abuse services to women and children, and make up a united federation of over 170 domestic abuse services across England, speaking with one voice on the issues that concern us all. Together we make real change in the responses to domestic abuse in law and service provision, and the promotion of healthy relationships in local communities. 

All of our members are integral to our work, and enables us to use our expertise, knowledge and influence to raise the status of women to a level where abuse against them is no longer legitimised or tolerated. 

We support our members by providing: 



Support for Survivors

  • Access to refer to No Woman Turned Away – dedicated support and telephone advocacy for survivors facing barriers
  • Access to gift in kind donations provided through Women’s Aid
  • Travel to Refuge – providing free travel to refuge for survivors


Interested in becoming a member?

What our members say:

"Solidarity - Making a difference together"
"Feeling that I am - even in small part - part of the solution, helps to alleviate the feeling of helplessness I feel in the face of a huge problem of domestic abuse."
"Louder voice, safety in numbers, combined and shared expertise."
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