Campaign Champions


Campaign Champions support our national campaigns on a local level, give survivors of domestic abuse a voice and help to ensure that politicians and other key decision makers are listening to our campaign calls.

“Campaigning has empowered me. Knowing that my voice is heard in the political sphere when I have spoken at Parliamentary events and at an APPG meeting, it’s important for me to know that my experiences will help other survivors and shape future legislation and service provision.”

– Survivor and Women’s Aid campaigner

How does it work?

Our campaigns are full of actions for our Campaign Champions. Depending on how much time you have, you might sign a petition and an open letter, send a tweet, set up a meeting with your MP to raise awareness or secure local media coverage. We will write to you monthly through our campaigner newsletter and we will always send you the key information you need to take urgent action.

Join our campaign network and make a difference! 

Tools and Resources

General Election Campaigning Toolkit.

Never underestimate campaigners and activists in driving change and making history. We can all make a lasting impact; we just need to know where to start. 

Our General Election Campaigning Toolkit 

We’re here to help. Our brand new General Election Campaigner Toolkit provides you with everything you need to influence candidates in this general election year. It includes advice on how to talk to candidates, key messages and simple but important actions you can take.

Our Campaign Champion Toolkit 

The Campaigner Toolkit provides advice on getting started with your own campaign, who to target, talking to the media, actions you can take, staying safe, and has lots of exclusive top tips too. 

Campaigning can be overwhelming. Use our suggested actions, learn from what works, celebrate all your achievements, and always remember looking after yourself throughout the process is vital!

Latest actions

Campaigner action: Will you help us share our 2024 General Election manifesto far and wide? 

A general election is in the pipeline, and we don’t have time to waste. We have launched our ‘General Election 2024: a whole-system response’ manifesto and we urgently need your help to spread awareness on our calls for politicians to commit to the national prioritisation of domestic abuse. Read more here.

Action: Share today!

Campaigner action: Will you ask your MP to champion the voice of survivors of domestic abuse in Parliament?

We need more MPs championing the needs of survivors in Parliament. We have been building a network of Parliamentarians to elevate the voices of survivors by becoming a Parliamentary Champion. With your help, your local MP can become one of Women’s Aid’s Parliamentary Champions.

Action: Invite your MP today!

Campaigner action: Follow the APPG on Twitter  

Women’s Aid is the Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Domestic Violence and Abuse which has been set up as a forum to work with parliamentarians from across all political parties on the issue of domestic abuse. To keep updated on the work of the group, follow the twitter page and look out for information on meetings that you can join online.  

Action: Follow today!

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