Flexible Fund for survivors of domestic abuse 

Women’s Aid is pleased to be working with the Home Office, our membership and sector partners to help distribute an additional funding to provide one-off payments to survivors of domestic abuse to help them flee from their abuser, and to increase their stability and independence following on from a successful pilot distributed in May 2023.  

From Wednesday 31st January 2024 until Sunday 31st March 2024, survivors of domestic abuse who do not have the financial means to leave their abusers, or to remain safely in their home, will be able to apply for a one-off payment of up to £500 for essential items such as groceries, nappies or clothing to help them and their children flee to safety.       

For the first time, survivors can also apply for a further one-off payment of up to £2,500 to help secure a sustainable independent future, such as putting down a deposit for rental accommodation.   

Any questions please email emergencyfund@womensaid.org.uk 

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