On Track

On Track is all about using data to strengthen domestic abuse services and improve outcomes for survivors.

On Track is Women’s Aid’s case management and outcomes measurement system.

It offers a complete package of resources and support, including: 

  • A cloud-based, case management and outcomes measurement database – OASIS DA (by IT Works) with Women’s Aid’s On Track Outcomes Measurement System module enabled 
  • A set of case management and outcomes measurement tools developed specifically for the domestic abuse sector 
  • An inbuilt reporting suite allowing comprehensive reporting on range of data, in just a few clicks 
  • An ongoing programme of workshops to support staff to learn and use the system
On Track was developed and piloted with input from 8 frontline domestic abuse services and continues to develop in line with services’ needs. Over 100+ domestic abuse organisations and providers now use Women’s Aid’s case management and outcomes measurement system, enabling them to: 
  • Improve data collection and quality 
  • Collate data and produce reports easily and effectively 
  • Streamline casework, maximising time and resources 
  • Monitor and measure outcomes; demonstrate impact and financial value to stakeholders  
  • Evidence support, survivor needs and identify gaps in local service provision 

To find out more about how On Track can benefit your work, contact the On Track team at Women’s Aid: ontrack@womensaid.org.uk 

What On Track users say

Quotes are from participants in On Track User Groups and User Surveys 2021-22.

Why use On Track?

On Track was built  by  domestic abuse services  for  domestic abuse services. 

On Track was developed and piloted with input from Women’s Aid member services as well as survivors, academics, and commissioners to make sure it fits perfectly into the day-to-day life of frontline services and meets their requirements.  

Every domestic abuse service in every part of the country is unique, catering to wide range of survivors, so the On Track system and tools can be tailored to meet specific requirements.    

At Women’s Aid, we know the needs of survivors and services change over time. We welcome feedback from services and users to ensure On Track will continue to develop and meet the needs of staff and survivors.  

On Track graphic

Case management and outcomes measurement rolled into one 

On Track provides a single, integrated solution for case management and outcomes reporting – no duplication, no extra forms, no additional software.   

As frontline staff use the system day to day, On Track collects and collates information needed to manage cases and show outcomes. On Track has a range of features designed to enhance case management including support and safety planning tools, risk assessment tools, trackers, evaluations and various tabs for recording the various aspects of support provided. 

On Track streamlines processes, removing the need for external emails, notes, or paper files. Staff can securely store data, upload documents and share information across the organisation using inbuilt messaging and reminder functions. On Track ensures clients details, information and documentation is easy to locate and always secure.  

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Reporting in just a few clicks 

On Track has a simple but powerful reporting function, the Report Wizard, allowing reporting on a wide range of data in just minutes. Organisations can spend more time focussing on what matters most – supporting clients.  

On Track enables users to analyse the data held in On Track in many ways. It can produce standard or customised reports for external stakeholders such as funding bodies and commissioners, as well as for internal audiences, supporting teams to understand and show the impact and value of their services.  

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Contribute to national data 

When using On Track, services still own their data.   

On Track enables services to contribute to Women’s Aid’s secure, anonymised national dataset, which builds an evidence base for the domestic abuse sector and supports a national network of research and learning.  

The anonymised On Track national data is used to inform and support Women’s Aid’s work for the domestic abuse sector and contributes to our research and advocacy for survivors and services. It is the largest dataset in the country on the experiences of survivors accessing domestic abuse support services.

To see how On Track data is used within Women’s Aid, access our research

Survivors will always have control over their information and can choose to opt out of sharing their anonymised data at any time. 

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Ongoing support from Women’s Aid

We want to make sure using On Track  is simple and straightforward. Our On Track team at Women’s Aid is available to provide advice and support when needed, in addition to the support provided by IT Works. Services using On Track can nominate a staff member to be an On Track Lead, but any staff member can contact the Women’s Aid On Track team with a specific issue or to make suggestions for changes.

The On Track Team distributes an online newsletter The On Track Insider every two months containing development updates, tips for making the most of the system, and other useful information. Our team also offers a programme of online On Track and Impact courses for domestic abuse services, covering various aspects of  using On Track and the data it collects.

For any On Track questions or support, email us at: ontrack@womensaid.org.uk

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On Track and Impact workshops

Organisations using On Track (members and non-members) have access to a programme of online On Track and Impact courses developed to increase confidence in using the system, improve data collection, reporting skills, and to make the most out of the data collected as part of everyday work with survivors.   

Women’s Aid members who do not use On Track are also able to book onto our online Impact courses, designed to support staff in frontline domestic abuse services to build knowledge and skills in collecting, analysing presenting data to stakeholders as well as evidence and understanding the impact of their work.

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How can we get involved?

Get in touch with us to express your interest and discuss a tentative start date to join the programme. For more information, please email ontrack@womensaid.org.uk

Imkaan members

Imkaan has also developed an outcome measurement system tailored to the needs of its members. For more information, please email membership@womensaid.org.uk

Contact us and FAQs

OASIS DA is a cloud-based case management system (CMS) created and owned by IT Works Ltd. On Track is an additional suite of outcomes measurement tools developed and owned by Women’s Aid Federation England which can be enabled on the OASIS DA CMS. Once enabled, On Track operates seamlessly with OASIS.  

On Track also enables services to contribute anonymised data to our national data set – which creates a valuable ‘big picture’ of services and survivors across England, informing much of Women’s Aid’s research and contributes to our wider work and advocacy for the domestic abuse sector. 

On Track users also have access to additional support, resources and training from Women’s Aid’s On Track Team. 

The On Track programme is available to all domestic abuse services.  It has been designed for all types of support to survivors and their children, including helpline work, counselling, advocacy, outreach, therapeutic group work, refuge and resettlement.

Services will need the OASIS DA case management system from IT Works to be able to enable and use the On Track Outcomes Measurement System. On Track cannot be enabled on other case management systems or databases.  

Contact our On Track Team here at Women’s Aid for further information: ontrack@womensaid.org.uk 

On Track collects a wide range of information on women and children using services including: 

  • Who uses your service (client profiles). 
  • Caseloads and patterns of work/ referrals.
  • What support you offer (outputs).
  • What difference your support makes for survivors (outcomes).
  • Service user satisfaction.
  • Intelligence about other agencies.  

The system allows reports to be broken down between different parts of the service and can also be adapted to allow services to collect specific information on particular grants and contracts. 

Our current data collection systems don’t fit with On Track / Our commissioners/funders need information which isn’t included in On Track 

Our partners at IT Works can provide advice to ensure On Track system is tailored to each organisation, it’s size and data requirements. IT Works will advise around moving (or migrating) any existing data from other sources to On Track, so organisations don’t lose existing client records or vital information. 

We’ve never used a case management system before?/We’re used to our existing CMS 

Services who implement On Track will receive training and support to using the system from IT Works initially, and then ongoing support is available from Women’s Aid’s On Track team.

Services using On Track have year-round access to our support and online courses to ensure all staff feel confident using the system effectively to support survivors, evidence impact and meet funding and reporting requirements. 

There is no such thing as a silly question! We are here to help. 

We’re not sure how to use the data to support our work? 

Through our online On Track and Impact courses, Women’s Aid can build user confidence in collecting, interpreting, and managing the quality of your data. In addition to our On Track courses, we have a range of Impact courses designed to support services to use data to demonstrate how services are meeting the needs of clients and meeting obligations to commissioners, funders, and other stakeholders. 

Oasis DA CMS 

Initial setup fees and annual costs will depend on the number of users, or licenses needed. Our partners at IT Works will provide advice based on specific requirements. IT Works will consider how many people will need to use the system, training needs, and costs of moving any existing data and client information over the new system.  

For an initial discussion, contact us at ontrack@womensaid.org.uk   

Women’s Aid costs

Women’s Aid does not receive any revenue or income from services enabling or using On Track. Services can contact IT Works for information about set-up and ongoing costs of implementing/using OASIS with On Track. 

Women’s Aid’s On Track and Impact courses are delivered on an online learning platform to ensure they are interactive, cost effective, and easily accessible to DA services across England. The On Track courses cost £130 per course and the Impact courses cost £70 per course, with discounts available to specific groups of organisations. 

For more information about our courses and prices, click here or email us at: ontrack@womensaid.org.uk.   

Women’s Aid does not charge for our email support or requests for system development. 

For services:

On Track makes assessment and data collection faster, simpler, more consistent, as well as making information sharing across the team easier and more secure.    

On Track enables individual services to gather, own, and utilise outcomes data – both to improve the support they offer, and to evidence their value to funders and commissioners.  

For the sector:

On Track creates a live, sector-wide, national dataset providing evidence of survivor needs, support delivered, and service outcomes.  

The national data informs Women’s Aid’s research and gives us a unique snapshot of the landscape for services and survivors across England. This national dataset not only informs our research, but also our campaigning, policy and advocacy work. 

For funders and commissioners:

On Track offers a clear performance framework for funders and commissioners by outlining realistic outcomes and meaningful performance indicators.   

Training and ongoing support from Women’s Aid, data validation features and monitoring and reporting tools within On Track mean that commissioners can expect high-quality information and data from services. 

Yes, any domestic abuse service can join the On Track programme. Services, including services outside the UK can email ontrack@womensaid.org.uk for more information.

From humble beginnings 

Eight members originally piloted the On Track system, providing their knowledge and expertise which helped us ensure the system was built by members for members.  We are grateful to the following pilot sites: 

  • Jewish Women’s Aid  
  • Manchester Women’s Aid 
  • RISE 
  • Solace Women’s Aid 
  • Juno Women’s Aid 
  • Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid 
  • Wycombe Women’s Aid 
  • Crossroads Derbyshire 

There are now over 100+ organisations using On Track for case management and outcomes measurement, and we are always pleased to welcome new services on board. Our team has been proud to support so many vital services, build their confidence in the On Track system and to see them develop capacity and demonstrate the impact of their work around the country. 

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