A-Z of fundraising ideas


Looking for a little fundraising inspiration? Take a look at some of these great ideas to get you started. Hold an event, sell your unwanted stuff or do something silly – the money you raise will transform the lives of women experiencing domestic abuse.


Arts and crafts – Embroidery, crochet, knitting, origami, painting, candle-making, friendship bracelets – whatever you want to craft, we want to hear about it. You could make something to sell and donate the profits or have a virtual auction. You could ask friends and family to sponsor you to learn a new skill, then donate a finished piece to a random sponsor or create something and then donate the profits to Women’s Aid and the item to a charity or place/person in need – double win!


Bingo – “Time for tea…83!” Prepare your best bingo call outs and arrange a bingo event with a donation for entry.

Bake off – Do you know your shortcrust from your puff pastry? Put you baking skills to test and bake for Women’s Aid. Get friends or colleagues involved to bring an element of competition or simply bake for ‘fun’draising. We have lots of editable posters to help you get people involved. 

Book club – Start up a feminist book club. Share and explore your favourite reads or audiobooks and ask for a small donation to join each month. Our free pack has lots of tips and ideas to get you started.


Coffee Morning– Whether it’s at home, in the office kitchen or over Zoom, get together for a catch up over a coffee. Ask for donations that match the price of a take away coffee and slice of cake. Download our posters to help you advertise your cake sale. 

Cycle – It could be laps of your local park, 40k in the gym, or the whole 1,407km of Land’s End to John O’Groats. Set yourself and your bike the challenge of cycling for survivors.


Donate your plate – Get creative in the kitchen and host a dinner party for your nearest and dearest, asking your guests to donate what they might pay for a meal out. We’ve got delicious recipes from celebrity chefs to get you going.


eBay for charity – Sell your unwanted goods on eBay for Women’s Aid. Get spring cleaning!

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Fancy dress – Get creative with your wardrobe. Dress to a theme or as one of your favourite film characters for a week. Make it a group activity with a donation to take part or go solo and ask for sponsorship for your fancy dress challenge.

Facebook fundraiser – Quick and easy to set up and share with your network. You could create a fundraiser for a birthday or a special anniversary.


Give it up – Have a bad habit you want to give up but need some motivation? Get sponsored to give up your vice for a month.

Girls Night In – Get the girls round and ask them to donate the amount they would usually spend on a night out towards our life saving work.

Gameathon – Put your video gaming skills to the test and host a gameathon! Whether alone or with friends, you can live stream your gaming and get sponsored for doing what you love.


Hair be gone!– Leg wax? Head shave? How radical will you go to raise funds for Women’s Aid? 


International Day– Give your fundraising a global theme – pick your favourite country or culture and hold a fundraising event based around that with music, food, quizzes and dancing. Ask for a donation to attend.


Jumble sale– Give your home a clear out and sell any unloved goods. If you’re looking to sell DVDs, CDs, games or books, you can set up a Just Giving page and use Ziffit to sell your items.

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Kilimanjaro – Either take on the real thing in Tanzania or for something closer to home, you can take on this epic challenge and scale the height of Mount Kilimanjaro without even leaving the house! All you need are some stairs and a pair of comfy shoes.


Livestream – Go digital with your fundraising and hold a livestream event to showcase your talent.


Movie night – Find a great venue (or do it at home), choose your favourite films and charge a £5 donation at the door. Thelma and Louise anyone? We’ve got a useful pack to help your organise your film night, check it out here.

Matched giving  Ask your employer if they would consider matching your fundraising. It’s a great way to bump up your total and get your workplace involved.


Netball tournament – At school, university, work or with friends, organise a netball tournament, with a donation for participation and a challenge to see which team can fundraise the most.

Non-uniform day – Donate to take part in a non-uniform day either at work or school. You could even take it up a notch and turn it into a fancy dress event.


Online shopping– By shopping with Easy Fundraising you will raise important funds for Women’s Aid, at no extra cost to you. Or you could even save yourself some money by shopping on voucher code platform Savoo. Find great deals and fundraise all at the same time!  

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Purple Day – Purple is the colour associated with domestic abuse awareness. So go purple for the day, week or month and keep your supporters updated with your purple outfits.


Quiz time – Make it themed, make it interactive, make it fun. Download our ready-to go quiz questions and answers to get you started!


Running – Join #TeamWomensAid and take part in one of the runs we have places in. From 10K to marathons, we have you covered. Or why not set yourself your own running challenge and get as many people supporting you as possible?


Skydive Take your support to the skies and brave an experience of a lifetime in the name of fundraising.

Sports day – Relive your childhood and arrange a sports day with all your favourite events and a donation to enter. Egg and spoon race anyone?

Swear box – £1 for every swear word uttered. See how much you can collect in a month.


Tuck shop – Make the most of your office tea breaks and run a tuck shop at work, with the proceeds coming to Women’s Aid.

TrekFest – Explore the Brecon Beacons, taking on either a 25k or 50k route trekking challenge. Find out more here.

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Uniform for teachers – turn the tables at your school and get the teachers dressing up in uniform while the students have a non-uniform day. £1 donation to take part.

University Challenge – have all those lockdown Zoom quizzes paid off? Set up a University Challenge style event with a donation fee to take part.


Virtual fundraising – Take your fundraising online. Virtual events are increasingly popular so host an online quiz, take on a gaming challenge, or teach a class or workshop that shares your talent and ask for donation from people to take part.


Walkathon – You set the distance and time – it could be a mile a day, 10,000 daily steps or a 50k challenge. Walk it solo or make it a collaborative effort.

World Record attempt – Make your fundraising go down in history by turning it into a World Record! Check out the Guiness World Record website for more information on how to create your own world record. 

Wheelathon – How far can you go on your wheels? Set your distance, let people know and get those donations rolling in. 


X marks the spot!– Try out a virtual treasure hunt. Either compete individually or as teams. Set a donation fee to play, have a list of items that must be found within each player’s home, set a timer, unleash the players and let the fun commence! Treasures could include your favourite childhood toy, a photo of the view from your window, a kitchen utensil or a holiday decoration. Be as creative as you like.


Year to remember– A 365-day challenge. Whether it’s walking 10,000 steps every day, giving up chocolate, or trying a different challenge each month, take on an epic year-long challenge to raise funds for Women’s Aid. 


Zumbathon – Arrange a marathon Zumba session. All participants donate to join in. Do it in person or online to make it even more accessible for people to join in with the ‘fun’draising.’

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