Do your own fundraising

Do your own fundraising

Ready to get fundraising but not sure where to start? Try one of our simplest and most popular fundraisers.

Pick an iconic film to watch and charge everyone the price of a cinema ticket. Our free pack has everything you need to organise your night. 

Donate your plate

Turn your dinner party into a fundraiser! Each guest makes a donation equal to the amount they would pay for a meal out. We’ve got great recipe ideas from Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens, Meera Sodha and Madeleine Shaw to get you started.

Take on a yoga or mindfulness challenge during Mental Health Awareness Week in May. Our free pack gives you all the advice you need to get started.

Fundraising pack

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Looking for inspiration? We’ve got loads of ideas just for you.  

Are you a bookworm, a party animal, or is crafting and gaming more your thing? Whatever you love, we can help you turn it into the ultimate fundraising event.  

For thinkers… Start a feminist book club

Bring people together each month and ask for a small donation to discuss thought-provoking books with strong female characters. Download our free pack to get started.

For bakers… Host a bake sale

Whether you get everyone in your workplace to bring in a bake and a donation or organise your own Bake-Off with friends, sharing sweet treats is a yummy way to fundraise.

For gamers… Play to win

Whether you fancy a spot of Snakes and Ladders, want to challenge your friends to a Monopoly marathon, or see yourself as having a good poker face, invite your friends to play and donate to Women’s Aid. If you’re planning an online gaming tournament, livestream it and get people to donate using Twitch or Just Giving.

For challenge takers…

Choose one of our fantastic challenge events. Ask people to sponsor your efforts and watch your total mount up – just like those metres. Set up a JustGiving page so people can donate and the money, including any Gift Aid, automatically gets sent to us.


Football United players

For sports lovers… Organise a charity football match

Or 5-a-side tournament. Each team pays to enter, with extra forfeits for anyone who’s given a red or yellow card. Spectators can join in the fun by holding a sweepstake to predict the winning team.


For shopaholics… Sell your unwanted clothes

Or items on e-Bay, or at a car boot sale. Check out our ideas to help you get selling. If you donate your unwanted clothes to  Re-fashion, an online charity shop, they will donate a proportion of the proceeds to us.

For experts… Hold an online or in-person class 

Sharing your skills is a great way to fundraise from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s a craft workshop, baking session, or fitness class – everyone has something to offer. Our free pack will help you get started.

For the clever clogs… Host a quiz night

Simple and fun, hosting a quiz night is a great way to raise money. Our free pack has quiz questions so you don’t have to spend lots of time trawling the internet for ideas! 

For the brave… Ready to freeze for a fiver?

Then download our pack and organise a cold-water swim fundraiser. Grab your friends, brave the chill and show your solidarity with women experiencing abuse. 

None of those quite right?

From head shaves to a swear box, our A-Z fundraising ideas has inspiration for everyone!

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