Evaluation with Microsoft Excel workshop

Evaluation with Microsoft Excel workshop 

What will this workshop cover? 

This workshop will cover methods for using Excel to for evaluation.  

Attendees will learn to prepare data by formatting datasets ready for analysis, including how to merge two datasets.  

The workshop will cover data analysis, including some helpful tricks and formulae to understand data and use pivot tables, charts and graphs to review data.   

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for anyone who has basic Excel skills and wants to extend their knowledge and confidence to allow them to evaluate their service.  


This online workshop £65 per person, and typically runs for 3 hours with a short break.  

To book or register your interest: 

Please view our Workshops Booking Form which outlines each workshop, is updated with available dates and times, and allows you to book onto workshops (no upfront payment required). 

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