Lockdown Films

Lockdown films 

Over lockdown we created a number of different films to raise awareness of domestic abuse in light of lockdown. Whilst for so many home was a safe space, for many women and their children home was isolating, abusive and dangerous.

In June 2020, over two thirds (66.7%) of survivors currently experiencing abuse said that their abuser had used the pandemic as part of their abuse in one or more ways.


The Respite campaign shows how any chance for survivors to get out, even for a few hours, has been drastically reduced and the impact that has on women and their children.

Creative Circle Awards

  • Best Charity/Public Service Film – SILVER
  • Best Film Scriptwriting – SILVER
  • Best Sound Design – BRONZE

Cannes Lions

  • Cannes Lions (Film) / Finalist


The Lockdown

Filmed by Engine Creative for Women’s Aid, this film highlights the impact of lockdown; empty streets with everyone at home. Most importantly, it emphasises that abusers are now also home with their families.

Both films send a strong and important message emphasising the extra challenges that survivors had to face. The pandemic removed vital support systems and safe spaces for survivors. 

An initial survivor survey carried out by Women’s Aid in April 2020, confirmed that Covid-19 had quickly impacted on the experiences of women experiencing domestic abuse with 67.4% of survivors who are currently experiencing abuse told us that it had got worse since Covid-19. The number of survivors calling local service helplines decreased by one third as their abuser was constantly at home.

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