Women’s Aid statement on Manchester United player, Antony

Teresa Parker, Head of Media at Women’s Aid, who developed the Football United Against Domestic Violence campaign, said:

“Domestic abuse is prevalent in our society and all employers, including football clubs, need clear policies and procedures about what to do when allegations are made against an employee. In every alleged domestic abuse case, safeguarding is vital, to ensure the safety of everyone involved while proceedings are ongoing.

When the alleged perpetrator is a high-profile footballer, we know from survivors of domestic abuse that this has an impact on both football fans and wider society, who can see them playing and celebrated on the pitch as a sign that the issue is not being taken seriously.

At Women’s Aid, we have been speaking to Manchester United over the past few weeks, and recently met with them to talk about the work we do at the charity and in our football campaign. Sharing insights and knowledge are important to creating understanding of domestic abuse, which can then be factored into future decision making. At Women’s Aid we welcome these conversations, and value building relationships that we hope will have a positive impact moving forward.”

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