Women’s Aid statement in response to stabbing of teenage girl in Croydon

Farah Nazeer, Chief Executive at Women’s Aid, comments:

“Today’s stabbing in Croydon of a fifteen-year-old girl is a truly devastating, shocking and senseless act of violence. The reports that this young woman was killed by a teenage boy for refusing to go out with him and rejecting an unwanted gift emphasises just how deeply rooted misogyny and the control of women is in our society, and how violence against women and girls is still so tragically prevalent.  

“More must be done to protect women from abuse, as well as  educating children and young people about what constitutes a healthy, consensual relationship. This must be done urgently to prevent further lives lost and to guarantee the safety of women and girls.  

“Our thoughts are with this girl’s family at what is an unimaginably difficult and painful time”. 

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