Women’s Aid statement in response to BBC investigation into forces failing women over police sex misconduct claims


Lucy Hadley, Head of Policy at Women’s Aid, said: 

“Urgent, institutional and systemic change is needed to increase women’s confidence in the police. This new data from the BBC further demonstrates the urgency for reform within policing, especially when it comes to investigating and convicting officers who prey on women.  

“The BBC investigation found that in addition to disturbingly low conviction rates, crucial evidence relating to officers under investigation has been deleted – a concerning sign of corruption and collusion.

“Urgent reform is needed to police vetting, recruitment, misconduct and complaints systems, with the responsibility for overseeing investigations relating to police perpetrators of domestic or sexual violence being handled by a separate force. Women must feel that the police will protect them and shield them from those seeking to cause them harm. The shocking, ongoing revelations about how police officers exploit this role to abuse women demands urgent change and the government must hold police forces accountable for action.” 

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