Women’s Aid response to IOPC launching multiple investigations into handling of reports about David Carrick


Farah Nazeer, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, comments:  

“The launch of multiple investigations into the handling of reports about rapist David Carick by the Independent Office for Police Conduct is an important first step in giving the public the answers they need about how a serving police officer was allowed to continue his brutal campaign against women – those he was duty-bound to protect. 

“The fact that the infrequently used ‘power of initiative’ is being applied to this case demonstrates just how extensive the failings of the police are when it comes to investigating and disciplining its own officers. There are real questions of collusion and corruption here, and this is why we are calling for all cases of police perpetrated domestic abuse and sexual violence to be handled by another force. 

“Apologies are not enough. We know that the trust by women of the police is severely damaged. This must be addressed immediately. Forces must eradicate the misogyny that persists across its culture and ranks, root and stem.” 

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