Women’s Aid responds to police chiefs issuing first ever national threat assessment of crimes


Lucy Hadley, Head of Policy at Women’s Aid, said: 

“Violence against women and girls is rife and so many women we support tell us that they do not trust the police. It is important that violence against women and girls has been recognised as a strategic policing threat, however Women’s Aid will hold forces to account for these promises: we need concrete action, not just rhetoric

“The strategic threat and risk assessment published today demonstrates the scale of change required – from the training and skills officers need, to investigations and protections for women, and of course the glaring issues of sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination within policing.

“The pressing issue of tackling police perpetrators of violence against women and girls, and the severe problems with vetting and monitoring officers, are an urgent priority for improving trust and confidence. We continue to hear from women who are too scared or distrustful to report because their perpetrator is a police officer; it remains essential that such cases are investigated by an independent force or the Independent Office of Police Complaints to ensure women can trust the process.

“The police play a vital role in tackling violence against women and girls. We look forward to seeing urgent progress in responding to this fundamental threat towards women and girls.” 

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