Women’s Aid responds to new Femicide Census report


Sophie Francis-Cansfield, Head of External Affairs at Women’s Aid, comments:

The latest Femicide Census report shows that at least 147 women were killed by 144 men in 2021. This is a staggering number, but sadly not unexpected within our current society, where women’s inequality, sexism and misogyny prevails – all of which devastatingly underpin violence against women and girls. 

We know that over 50% of women killed by men in this period were killed by a current or former intimate partner, demonstrating the sobering consequences of not giving domestic abuse the national prioritisation and funding it deserves and so desperately needs. Ensuring adequate funds go to the specialist services that provide quality care and support, quite literally provides a lifeline for women and child survivors of domestic abuse. 

The report also highlights severe inequalities in data collection, with police forces only responding with information relating to ethnicity for around 40% of victims.  

New data shows that since the Conservative government came to power in May 2010, the lives of almost 2,000 women have been taken by men. In the wake of a new government, we must take this opportunity to stand together in rejecting this heinous epidemic and take urgent action to ensure women and girls are safe. 

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