Women’s Aid responds to Baroness Louise Casey’s report on the Met police


Lucy Hadley, Head of Policy at Women’s Aid said: 

“Baroness Casey has found that the Met is broken. If this shocking report does not lead to system wide change within the country’s largest police force, what will?

“Every day, our services hear from domestic abuse survivors saying they have been failed by the police – women who are not believed, women whose pain is underplayed, women whose lives are treated as less. This report lays bare this reality – finding that the police officers who respond to domestic abuse and sexual violence across the capital are inexperienced, over-stretched and under-resourced.

“The Met Commissioner’s apology is welcome, but words are not enough. Too many women have been hurt and killed – the Met must change to ensure women and children get the protection and support they deserve and to root out the endemic racism, homophobia and sexism which is breaking the public’s trust in the force.”

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