Women’s Aid responds: criminal justice system response to rape


Today, the government announced steps to improve the criminal justice system response to rape, including additional funding for services supporting survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Isabelle Younane, head of policy, campaigns and public affairs at Women’s Aid said:

“We know that support for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse is wholly inadequate and inconsistent, so we are pleased the government is investing more in life-saving services. We urge the government to prioritise funding for specialist domestic abuse services, including services run by and for Black and minoritised women, which, as the domestic abuse commissioner confirmed this week, are far less likely to receive statutory funding than mainstream organisations.

“We also encourage the government to capitalise on the opportunity of the victims’ bill to make funding for community-based services – such as counselling and advocacy support – statutory. This will ensure these vital services can rely on sustainable funding, going forward.

“We hope that these commitments from the government will mark a positive step towards ensuring that all survivors receive the support they need. It is essential that a clear message is sent to women that they will be heard, they will be believed, and they will be helped.”

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