Online information directories

Women’s Aid online information directories

Our unique package of online domestic violence directory resources is designed to help women and children escaping domestic abuse find the best possible service for their needs.   

Thanks to our local services and partnership with Women’s Aid federations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales these directories are updated constantly to reflect local changes so you can always find the information you need.

Learn more about each of these resources:

Public information

Public Directory of Services

  • Available via the Women’s Aid website showing referral and contact information on those services listed on Routes to Support who have agreed to share this information filtered by region and local authority
  • Public and free of charge to use.
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Subscription-based directories

Routes to Support

  • The UK wide online database of domestic and sexual violence services and refuge vacancies.
  • Accessible by paid subscription to authorised staff in domestic and sexual violence agencies for women and children meeting the access criteria.

Public information

UK Gold Book online

  • A sister site of Routes to Support containing only that information on services which can be shared with a wider audience.  It does not contain vacancy information.
  • Accessible by paid subscription to any professionals working with survivors of domestic violence anywhere in the UK
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