Blind Eye

Blind Eye

It’s all too easy to turn a blind eye to domestic abuse. But by turning away, we fail to stand up to it. It remains a taboo. This is unacceptable. 

Our Blind Eye awareness-raising campaigns aim to challenge the culture that allows domestic abuse to thrive. By pioneering and using the power of cutting-edge technology, we make sure that nobody can turn away. Blind Eye aims to make the world understand that we all play a role in eradicating domestic abuse. We cannot turn a blind eye.

Look at Me billboard campaign 2015

Look at me 

We collaborated with advertising agency WCRSOcean Outdoor and renowned photographer and long-term Women’s Aid supporter Rankin to create the Look At Me campaign as part of our Blind Eye project.

A “global first”, Look at Me was an astonishing interactive outdoor campaign.  Screens in key public spaces (Canary Wharf, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and the Birmingham Bullring) would first show a woman who was beaten and bruised. As long as people ignore them, the images remain the same. But, once people start noticing the screen, the bruises begin to fade and the models’ faces were completely healed.

We used facial-recognition technology to make this happen, employing cameras that could detect when someone was looking towards the screen and then triggering the change on screen. The more people who looked at the campaign, the faster her bruises would heal.

Campaign success

The campaign was phenomenally successful, generating mass awareness of domestic abuse through media coverage in 20 countries, reaching 326.9 million people. The campaign has also received a number of awards:



Gold Lion – Outdoor
Silver Lion – Cyber
Shortlisted – Grand Prix For Good

Silver – Out of Home

Winner – Public Life category
Winner – Location based category
Winner – Grand Prix 2015

Campaign BIG
Nomination – Charity


Media Week
Silver – Media Idea under £250k

Shots Awards
Silver – Best Use of Outdoor
Silver – Charity Campaign of the Year

Festival of Marketing (The Masters of Marketing)
Winner – Charity
Winner – Outdoor and Location Based Advertising

The Drum Creative Out of Home Awards
Winner – Digital, Interactive
Winner – Digital, Use of Digital Technologies
Winner – Grand Prix
Commendation – Innovation
Shortlisted – Digital, Use of Live Updates

Previous collaborations 

Blind Eye 2013

We also collaborated with WCRS in 2013 to create this compelling advert. The technology allows the viewer to choose whether or not to turn a blind eye to the harrowing reality of domestic abuse.

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