Women’s Aid responds: Zara Aleena’s murderer sentenced to life imprisonment


Today, Zara Aleena’s murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Responding to this, Farah Nazeer, chief executive of Women’s Aid said: 

“We are relieved that Zara Aleena’s killer was dealt a life sentence, though we know no sentence will make up for her murder, let alone the utter devastation, grief and loss suffered by Zara’s family and friends. We cannot continue in a world where so many women’s lives are lost to male violence. All women should feel safe both on the streets and in their own homes, and we must all come together and play our part in making this happen.

“At Women’s Aid we will continue to call out sexism, misogyny and discrimination, which are at the root of all violence against women, but society must listen. We need urgent structural change to make the world a safer place for women and girls.

“Today, our thoughts are with Zara’s family and friends and all those who have lost loved ones to male violence.”

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