Women’s Aid end of year statement

As we near the end of 2022,  Women’s Aid Federation of England stands with all women against racism and misogyny, recognising those women who are the most marginalised.

We stand against those who think they can attack women with impunity.

Racism and misogyny within the justice system, police, government, monarchy and media needs to end. What also needs to end is the racism and misogyny that may be less overt, but that also exists in the charity and public sectors.

We stand in solidarity with women in the public who are experiencing racist, misogynistic, painful and unjust treatment. Standing up against racism and misogyny should never result in a backlash, personally or professionally.

Critically, to those experiencing horrendous abuse that is not reported or commented on, and to those who feel unseen and unheard, we stand in solidarity with you and will work to provide and protect the lifesaving services you need, and to ensure your experiences come to light.

As we head into 2023, we thank everyone for their support this year, and together we will strive for a better future. We commit to play our part in this, to call out and stand up to racism and misogyny wherever it lies, and to work towards being an anti-racist organisation in our approach and in our charitable activities. We will not rest until women and children are safe, we will not rest until violence against women is no longer tolerated.


Andrea West, CEO, Berkshire Women’s Aid    

Angie Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Women’s Aid    

Anna Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, CHADD     

Becky Rogerson, CEO, My Sisters Place

Beverley Jones, Chief Executive, Next Chapter   

Carey Philpott, CEO, SATEDA   

Caroline Grant, Chief Executive, The First Step  

Clair Johnson, Director, Bexley Women’s Aid

Claire Bennett, CEO, Be Free (Pendle & Rossendale)    

Claire Lambon, Chief Executive Officer, Stop Domestic Abuse  

Colette Byrne, CEO, Broxtowe Women’s Project   

Debbie Hughes, Chief Executive, Living Without Abuse    

Deborah Cartwright, CEO, Oasis Domestic Abuse Service    

Denise Fenn, CEO, Welwyn Hatfield Women’s Refuge     

Diana Nammi, Executive Director, IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation    

Dickie James, Chief Executive, Staffordshire Women’s Aid   

Elaine Langshaw, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle Womens Aid 

Elaine Yates, CEO, Coventry Haven Women’s Aid    

Farah Nazeer, CEO, Women’s Aid  

Fiamma Pather, Chief Executive Officer, Your Sanctuary      

Gaby Price, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Aid in Luton    

Gail Heath, CEO, The Pankhurst Trust (Incorporating Manchester Women’s Aid)   

Gilgal Birmingham 

Hayley Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Pathway Project   

Heidi Riedel, CEO, Woman’s Trust     

Helen Gauder, Managing Director, SafeNet Domestic Abuse Services 

Hollie Venn, Chief Executive, Sheffield Women’s Aid     

Jo Gough, CEO, RISE     

Judith Banjoko, Interim CEO, Solace Women’s Aid  

Karen Ingala Smith, Chief Executive, nia     

Kathryn Hinchliff, CEO, Penine Domestic Abuse Partnership     

Mandy Geraghty, Chief Executive Officer, Peterborough Womens Aid    

Mandy Green, Head of Services, Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid Ltd   

Marine Oliveira, Service Manager, Jersey Women’s Refuge 

Maureen Connolly, CEO, Birmingham Solihull Women’s Aid    

Michelle Blunsom, CEO, East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services    

Naomi Dickson, Chief Executive, Jewish Women’s Aid

Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, Chief Executive, Surviving Economic Abuse

Nik Peasgood, Chief Executive, Leeds Women’s Aid    

Niki Scordi, Chief Executive, Advance 

Paula Nolan, Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service   

Ruth Davany, CEO, Behind Closed Doors    

Ruth Davison, CEO, Refuge  

Samantha Fisher, CEO, Trafford Domestic Abuse Services  

Sarah Hill, CEO, IDAS 

Sawsan Salim, Director, Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation 

Shaminder Ubhi, Director, Ashiana Network  

Dr Shonagh Dillon, CEO, Aurora New Dawn

Sophie McGoff, Chief Executive, Women’s Aid Leicestershire

Sue Burke, CEO, MK-Act Domestic Abuse Intervention Services 

Sue Coleman, Chief Executive, West Mercia Womens Aid  

Tania Woodgate, Chief Executive Officer, Changing Pathways   

Tina Hibbard, Chief Executive Officer, Fylde Coast Women’s Aid 

Tracy Mahoney, CEO and Service Manager, Pandora Project     

Ursula Lindenberg, Director, VOICES 

Vicky Bunnage, CEO, Crossroads Derbyshire    

Wycombe Women’s Aid    

Yasmin Khan, CEO, Halo Project 

Yasmin Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Staying Put 

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