Understanding domestic abuse – a survivor-centred response and signposting for support

Understanding domestic abuse

A survivor-centred response and signposting for support

What does the course cover?

This introductory course will raise your awareness of domestic abuse and increase your understanding of survivors and the impact the abuse has on their everyday lives. 

It will cover: 

  • Understanding the myths that surround domestic abuse and how these can be used as a justification for abuse by both perpetrators and society in general.   
  • The dynamics of domestic abuse and coercive control and how abuse creates dependency and fear, keeping the survivor entrapped in the situation.  
  • The different tactics that perpetrators use including both violent and non-violent methods to enforce subordination.   
  • Understanding the impact of domestic abuse on survivors and children.  
  • The barriers to leaving an abusive relationship including how economic abuse is used to restrict freedom.  
  • How to offer a survivor-centred response including how to effectively signpost survivors to support.

Who is this training suitable for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in understanding domestic abuse or who is considering working as a volunteer or professional in the domestic abuse sector. 

This is an entry level course; we would recommend those with experience of working with survivors join our Award or Certificate in tackling and preventing domestic abuse.

Course dates and booking:

22nd April 2024

11th June 2024

6th August 2024

8th October 2024

2nd December 2024

20th February 2025

Cost: £75 (10% discount for members).
Location: remote, via Zoom.

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If you have any questions please email: training@womensaid.org.uk   

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