Live Chat Safeguarding and Confidentiality

Live Chat – Safeguarding and Confidentiality

Your chat is confidential. You do not have to tell the support worker anything you don’t want to, and you do not have to give your name or location. Any information you do give will not be shared with any other professionals without your permission. 

Our approach is to give each woman space to explore her options and support her to make safe choices for her and her children. However, there may be circumstances where we will need to break confidentiality if we believe a child or a vulnerable adult is at serious risk of harm. 

Our Live Chat service is designed for privacy and we do not have access to IP addresses for chats unless we have a serious safeguarding concern. If this is the case, we may determine your IP address in order to pass these details onto the relevant authority. We will explain during the chat if we believe that breaking confidentiality is the only option to keep you and your children safe. If we consider a child or vulnerable adult is at risk, we have a duty to take appropriate action to minimise that risk.   

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