New: Bystander training


Have you ever wondered why people witness abuse, aggression, violence etc… in public places and don’t respond to help. Do you want your business or community to know how to do this safely?

The purpose of bystander training


Bystander intervention is built on the concept that we can all play a role in creating safe spaces for each other when we witness our friends/colleagues/strangers facing bias, discrimination, sexual and other types of harassment/violence.

There are ways in which you can interrupt, collaborate with others, or report and record such behaviour safely. You don’t have to act alone.

This training will increase your awareness of the types of abuse people may face, what an active bystander is and how to use the different Hollaback methods (Direct, Distract, Delay, Delegate, Document) to be an active bystander.

By becoming an active bystander, you can prevent assault in its many forms among people of all ages. Our Bystander programme is offered in either a remote or face-to-face setting and will give attendees confidence to become an active bystander by learning what that means, and what approach suits them.

Want to know more, either contact us to arrange a brief meeting to discuss, or fill in our training request form.

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