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As part of the launch of the Femicide Census, we feel that it is important to remember the women who have been killed.

Below we have published a list of the names of women who were killed in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. We do not want this to be in anyway disrespectful, but rather a recognition and acknowledgement of what has happened to them, that they be remembered.

In the human rights context, naming those who have been killed as a result of a human rights violation such as femicide has been important for family and friends, and to galvanise action to prevent further violations.

“I think it’s a very powerful message to the people who can influence change. Please look at this, don’t just disregard it.”

– Julie Warren-Sykes, mother of 18 year-old Samantha Sykes, murdered 2012.


The women killed by men

It is shocking to see so many names, a powerful reminder of the extent of men’s fatal violence against women.

Content warning

Please note that this page contains the names of women who have been killed by men between 2009 and 2013. Some may find this content distressing.


Year  Full Name      Police Force

2009, Julie McKinley, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Aysel Djevdet, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Julie Harrison, Hampshire

2009, June Jumaily, Hertfordshire

2009, Melinda Palmer, West Mercia

2009, Victoria Roberts, Cheshire

2009, Natalie Correa, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Geeta Aulakh, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Destiny Lauren, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Karen Brown, Norfolk

2009, Ayesha Mohammed, Lancashire

2009, Ashleigh Hall, Durham

2009, Ayodele Akinsiku, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Olga Pleguezuelos Puixeu, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Andrea Waddell, Sussex

2009, Elizabeth Dighton, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Lisa Beverley, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Leah Gabrielle Questin, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Rosina Tillyer, Thames Valley

2009, Paula Hounslea, Merseyside

2009, Syeda Lipia Begum, Kent

2009, Linda Casey, Surrey

2009, Lisa Leckenby, Durham

2009, Julie Sudlow, Hampshire

2009, Sally Hingston, Thames Valley

2009, Jane Holden, Lancashire

2009, Anne Jones, Thames Valley

2009, Louise Evans, Lancashire

2009, Sally Garwood, Thames Valley

2009, Elif Oruc, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Collette Daffin, Derbyshire

2009, Sandra Wedderburn, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Josephine Lamb, Northumbria

2009, Susan Rose Southern, Nottinghamshire

2009, Susan Rushworth, West Yorkshire

2009, Maleha Masud, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Nabiha Masud, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Louise Wilson, Humberside

2009, Joan Charlton, Humberside

2009, Margaret Wycherley, West Mercia

2009, Michelle Samaraweera, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Susan Meanwell, Cheshire

2009, Christine McDonald, Cambridgeshire

2009, Mary Griffiths, Suffolk

2009, Claire Atkinson, Lancashire

2009, Mary Woolley, Merseyside

2009, Camille Mathurasingh, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Tina Crawford, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Maureen Cosgrove, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Gloria Laguna, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Shannen Vickers, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Pauline Adams, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Taylor Burrows, Bedfordshire

2009, Helen Findlay, West Midlands

2009, Varsha Champaclav, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Clare Wood, Greater Manchester

2009, Molly Morgan, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Rose Jatto, Metropolitan Police Service

2009, Antonietta Guarino, Wiltshire

2009, Vina Patel, Leicestershire

2009, Hannah Fischer, Leicestershire

2009, Karen Leonard, Cleveland

2009, Pauline Samarraie, Sussex

2009, Magda Bushara, Sussex

2009, Doris Smith, Wiltshire

2009, Catherine Kirton, Cleveland

2009, Lancashire

2009, Patricia Thompson, Cleveland

2009, Jan Wilson, North Yorkshire

2009, Anita Harris, Wiltshire

2009, Karen Brookes, Leicestershire

2009, Rhonda Campbell, Leicestershire

2009, June Wiggins, Leicestershire

2009, Katrina Jones, Cleveland

2009, Yasmin Akhtar, West Midlands

2009, Sabira Alam, West Yorkshire

2009, Amanda Birks, Staffordshire

2009, Jennifer Claire Craigdaillie, Dorset

2009, Katherine Cullen, Greater Manchester

2009, Jean Darbyshire, Greater Manchester

2009, Tracey Downer, Staffordshire

2009, Sarah Driver, Devon and Cornwall

2009, Mary Fox, Devon and Cornwall

2009, Sharon Green, Suffolk

2009, Amanda Hartley, West Yorkshire

2009, Ivy Hawken, Devon and Cornwall

2009, Claire Howarth, Greater Manchester

2009, Rosalyn Hunt, Suffolk

2009, Sheila Iles, Avon and Somerset

2009, Michelle Jenkinson, Devon and Cornwall

2009, Jannette Jones, Kent

2009, Malgorzata Lipinska, Suffolk

2009, Cheryl Martin, South Yorkshire

2009, Karren Martin, Kent

2009, Justyna Miszczyk, Avon and Somerset

2009, Naila Mumtaz, West Midlands

2009, Fiona Newton, Nottinghamshire

2009, Katrina Preece, South Yorkshire

2009, Loreta Raupiene, Kent

2009, Jean Rhodes, Greater Manchester

2009, Valerie Rhodes, Hampshire

2009, Katazyna Ryba, Dorset

2009, Elaine Shaw, South Yorkshire

2009, Beverley Shears, Devon and Cornwall

2009, Helen Skudder, West Yorkshire

2009, Patricia Smales, Greater Manchester

2009, Kerry Sneddon, South Yorkshire

2009, Carly Swift, Greater Manchester

2009, Sarah Lucy Wicks, Warwickshire

2009, Deborah Wilkes, Staffordshire

2009, Li Xue, West Yorkshire

2009, Claire Marshall, Cumbria


Year  Full Name  Police Force

2010, Anna Banks, Lancashire

2010, Joanna Yeates, Avon and Somerset

2010, Jane Edwards, West Mercia

2010, Jillian Nevitt, West Mercia

2010, Sally Cox, Thames Valley

2010, Jacqueline Barrett, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Joan Mungall, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Laura Davies-Jones, Surrey

2010, Sara Trelore, Cumbria

2010, Linda Bakewell, Cheshire

2010, Shehla Baig, Sussex

2010, Dawn Clinton, Thames Valley

2010, Mandy Finn, West Midlands

2010, Shelley Barnes, Lancashire

2010, Muriel Richards, Cheshire

2010, Shauna Lee, West Midlands

2010, Joanna Brown, Thames Valley

2010, Michelle Stonall, West Midlands

2010, Jane Parker, Lincolnshire

2010, Edith Stuart, Lancashire

2010, Assia Shahzad, Thames Valley

2010, Amanda Hunt, Leicestershire

2010, Weronika Gospodarczyk, South Yorkshire

2010, Joanne Oliver, Greater Manchester

2010, Monika Biliniewicz, Bedfordshire

2010, Amrit Kaur Ubhi, West Mercia

2010, Ghada Habib, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Linda Merigo, Humberside

2010, Beata Slomiana, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Deborah Langmead, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Donna St John, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Corby Craze, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Svetlana Zolotovska, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Antonina Belska, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Gabi Chapman, Warwickshire

2010, Sandra Voicehovska, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Jane Clough, Lancashire

2010, Amanda Beresford, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Sylwia Ciapcinska, Staffordshire

2010, Laura Smith, North Yorkshire

2010, Donna Drepaul, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Saimah Ali, Thames Valley

2010, Ann Rees, Thames Valley

2010, Patricia Hammond, Cheshire

2010, Czarina Baker, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Elzbieta Olga Kincyzk, Warwickshire

2010, Rachel Slack, Derbyshire

2010, Stacey Quigley, Greater Manchester

2010, Gillian Knowles, Cheshire

2010, Joan Chopping, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Beryl Webb, South Yorkshire

2010, Sylvia Smith, West Midlands

2010, Julie Bywater, Dorset

2010, Yolanta Dumciuviene, Cambridgeshire

2010, Debbie Starbuck, Nottinghamshire

2010, Joanne Kitchen, Greater Manchester

2010, Penny Ann Taylor, Cambridgeshire

2010, Aliza Mirza, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Debbie Marie Ryan, Lancashire

2010, Emma Ward, Norfolk

2010, Julie Ann Gallagher, South Yorkshire

2010, Julia Mubvumba, Leicestershire

2010, Rebecca Thorpe, Norfolk

2010, Howarum Begum, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Diana Garbutt, North Yorkshire

2010, Clare Denise Ashill, Leicestershire

2010, Carol Weatherley, Norfolk

2010, Tracy Dryden, Lancashire

2010, Carmen Stanescu, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Maria Coelho, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Lisa Emmitt, Thames Valley

2010, Hannah Fitzgibbon, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Susan McFall, West Mercia

2010, Francesca McFall, West Mercia

2010, Lucy Landry, West Mercia

2010, Janet Norton, Lancashire

2010, Kate Mott, Merseyside

2010, Carole Green, Lancashire

2010, Asha Muneer, Thames Valley

2010, Maria Colaco, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Isabel Trindade, Lincolnshire

2010, Toni Rudman, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Dorothy Shepherd, Gloucestershire

2010, Ramatunnessa Choudhury, Bedfordshire

2010, Susan Hughes, Cumbria

2010, Jennifer Jackson, Cumbria

2010, Jane Robinson, Cumbria

2010, Irene Barrett, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Agnes Sina-Inakoju, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Gillian Swindon, Sussex

2010, Edna Gadsby, Merseyside

2010, Jessie Wright, Metropolitan Police Service

2010, Nicola de Sousa, Northamptonshire

2010, Louise Webster, Northamptonshire

2010, Dolly Gregory, Lincolnshire

2010, Sandra Crawford, Hertfordshire

2010, Svetlana Olsevka, Hertfordshire

2010, Aytul Serbetli, Hertfordshire

2010, Margaret Kibuuka, Hampshire

2010, Stephanie Bellinger, Hampshire

2010, Susie Smith (Beaney), Kent

2010, Winifred Thomas, Kent

2010, Sarah Thomas, Surrey

2010, Ma-Alin, Thames Valley

2010, Maria Nuni, West Yorkshire

2010, Carol Berry, West Yorkshire

2010, Suzanne Blamires, West Yorkshire

2010, Shelley Armitage, West Yorkshire

2010, Iram Shah, West Yorkshire

2010, Margaret Mary Clapperton, Nottinghamshire

2010, Casey Brittle, Nottinghamshire

2010, Sara West , Nottinghamshire

2010, Marie Codreanu, Staffordshire

2010, Kerry Day, Staffordshire

2010, Abida Bi, West Yorkshire

2010, Naranjan Randhawa, West Midlands

2010, Sheila Patterson, West Midlands

2010, Elsie Ford, West Midlands

2010, Julie Fenton, West Midlands

2010, Natalie James, West Midlands

2010, Joanne Meason, West Midlands

2010, Rosemary Windle, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Patricia Phillpotts, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Claire White, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Teresa Parkin, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Amanda Sorrell, Devon and Cornwall

2010, Kathleen Adams, Warwickshire

2010, Gemma Hayter, Warwickshire

2010, Linda Hankie, Greater Manchester

2010, Elsie Hayes, Greater Manchester

2010, Debbie Nermerich, Greater Manchester

2010, Sylvia Rowley Bailey, Essex

2010, Rosina Waller, Essex

2010, Mandy Foakes, Essex

2010, Jill Ault, Humberside

2010, Mary Parker, Humberside

2010, Cynthia Barrass, Northumbria

2010, Judith Scott, Northumbria

2010, Agnieszka Dziegielewska, South Yorkshire

2010, Ann Gethen, South Yorkshire

2010, Pamela Hardy, South Yorkshire

2010, Laura Wilson, South Yorkshire


Year  Full Name          Police Force

2011, Gaynor McGlynn, Merseyside

2011, Catherine (Katie) Wynter (Briscoe), Hertfordshire

2011, Gillian Woodward, Nottinghamshire

2011, Ruby (Rubina) Love (Malik), Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Desirie Thomas, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Gillian Rennie, West Midlands

2011, Jasmin Chowdhury, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Sharon Knapper, Derbyshire

2011, Natalie O’Donoghue, Merseyside

2011, Clair Smith, West Yorkshire

2011, Angela Holgate, Merseyside

2011, Alice Huyton, Merseyside

2011, Jacqueline Grant, Northumbria

2011, Carmel Charles, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Sandra Maralhas, Thames Valley

2011, Amina Adan, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Emma Burns, Merseyside

2011, Pauline Smith, Cambridgeshire

2011, Heather Cooper, Surrey

2011, Leighann Wightman, Nottinghamshire

2011, Gaynor Brockwell, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Charito Cruz, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Jennifer Leeman, Devon and Cornwall

2011, Lee Carol Hendry, Derbyshire

2011, Sashana Roberts, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Melissa Crook, Kent

2011, Mihaela Gol, Thames Valley

2011, Julie Sahin, Thames Valley

2011, Alisa Dmitrijeva, Norfolk

2011, Tracy Anstice, Bedfordshire

2011, Jennie Banner, Kent

2011, Anne Marie Cleary, Merseyside

2011, Danuta Damagalska, Durham

2011, Vitalija Baliutaviciene, Cambridgeshire

2011, Geraldine Hazel Allen, Lancashire

2011, Maureen Allen, Lancashire

2011, Danielle Thomson, Derbyshire

2011, Edite Titane, Kent

2011, Heather Dyer, Merseyside

2011, Jeanette Goodwin, Essex

2011, Caroline Jane Coyne, Nottinghamshire

2011, Anita Young, West Midlands

2011, Margaret Beardon, Avon and Somerset

2011, Mumtahina Jannat, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Julie Tottle, Avon and Somerset

2011, Mary Philimena Quinn, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Sarwat Malik, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Linda Allen, Sussex

2011, Michelle Suttle, West Yorkshire

2011, Christine Chambers, Essex

2011, Angela Hoyt, Hertfordshire

2011, Susan Forster, Durham

2011, Emily Longley, Dorset

2011, Jean Dunson, Thames Valley

2011, Lynn Baker, Nottinghamshire

2011, Emma Ewart, West Midlands

2011, Alice Ding, Northamptonshire

2011, Helen Ding, Northamptonshire

2011, Xing Ding, Northamptonshire

2011, Katherine Leighton, Derbyshire

2011, Christine Peters, Bedfordshire

2011, Kelsey Shaw, Cheshire

2011, Pornpilai Nehls, Greater Manchester

2011, Lucinda Port, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Jacqueline Bartlam, Nottinghamshire

2011, Tina Bennett, Essex

2011, Alice Adams, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Zandra Maxwell-Nelson, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Anita Bawtree, Hampshire

2011, Bernadette Gallagher, Lancashire

2011, Karen Simmons, Sussex

2011, Kim Jeffrey, Thames Valley

2011, Susan Workman, Lancashire

2011, Katy Winchester, Lincolnshire

2011, Mary Thorpe, Lincolnshire

2011, Louise Donnelly, South Yorkshire

2011, Tracy Donnelly, South Yorkshire

2011, Debra Louise Walsh, Lancashire

2011, Eileen Jones, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Sian O’Callaghan, Wiltshire

2011, Brenda James, Sussex

2011, Zarina Bibi, Thames Valley

2011, Denise Julie Skilbeck, Nottinghamshire

2011, Louisa Jane Brannan, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Lea Holiday, Durham

2011, Jennifer Phelps, Sussex

2011, Jia Ashton, Derbyshire

2011, Roveela Kousar, Derbyshire

2011, Nicola Holden, Lancashire

2011, Danielle Van der Zyden, Thames Valley

2011, Nicola Seed, Lancashire

2011, Natalie Walker, Kent

2011, Anna Cuporiova, Staffordshire

2011, Shirley Goring, Norfolk

2011, Magdelena Januszewska, Norfolk

2011, Suzanne Joy Small, Leicestershire

2011, Lorna Smith, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Sarah Jane Mason, West Mercia

2011, Ann Coffey, Merseyside

2011, Gillian Raine, Durham

2011, Siobhan Kelly, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Genet Kidane, West Midlands

2011, Wendy Adlard, Northamptonshire

2011, Fiza Asif, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Jitka Nahodilova, Metropolitan Police Service

2011, Samantha Day, Leicestershire

2011, Paige Emily Chivers, Lancashire

2011, Shobna Jethwa, Bedfordshire

2011, Audrey Taylor, Sussex

2011, Peggy Wilson, Cumbria

2011, Rosie Mayer, Hertfordshire

2011, Ruth Jacobs, Suffolk

2011, Daisy Castell, Suffolk

2011, Beverley Farrow, Suffolk

2011, Alison Studd, Suffolk

2011, Karolina Wasilewska, West Yorkshire

2011, Elizabetta Pecka, West Yorkshire

2011, Judith Garnet, West Yorkshire

2011, Nadija Ondzule, West Yorkshire

2011, Marie Stewart, West Yorkshire

2011, Beena Bhatt, West Yorkshire

2011, Kate McHugh, West Yorkshire

2011, Jean Myers, West Yorkshire

2011, Grace Rusukira, West Yorkshire

2011, Sian Rees, Devon and Cornwall

2011, Janine Tiley, Devon and Cornwall

2011, Julie Edwards, Greater Manchester

2011, Tracy Jones, Greater Manchester

2011, Nellie Geraghty, Greater Manchester

2011, Marlene Hicks, Avon and Somerset

2011, Janet Graney, Essex

2011, Judith Barbara Marion Richardson, Northumbria

2011, Dawn Taylor, South Yorkshire

2011, Ildiko Dohany, South Yorkshire

2011, Joy Billam, South Yorkshire

2011, Angela Eastwood, South Yorkshire

2011, Margaret Wathen, West Midlands

2011, Nicole Cartmell, West Midlands

2011, Katarina Massaro, West Midlands

2011, Paramjit Kaur, West Midlands

2011, Kerry Smith, West Midlands

2011, Shadi Afraziyan, West Midlands


Year  Full Name           Police Force

2012, Tracey Arden, Greater Manchester Police

2012, Julia Thurgarland, Nottinghamshire

2012, Judith Brierley, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Lesley Caile, Durham

2012, Rebecca Sessacar, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Patricia Goodband, Thames Valley

2012, Christine Haye-Levy, Northamptonshire

2012, Andrea Johnson, Norfolk

2012, Georgina Hackett, Surrey

2012, Janee Parsons, Thames Valley

2012, Paula Clinton, Merseyside

2012, Rhoda Youson, Warwickshire

2012, Gaynor Bale, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Paula Castle, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Shaista Khatoon, West Midlands

2012, Reihana Rezayi, Leicestershire

2012, Amelia Arnold, Hertfordshire

2012, Akua Agyueman, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Jean Farrer, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Pamela Glen (Turner), Durham

2012, Sabah Usmani, Essex

2012, Pauline Gillen, West Midlands

2012, Sally Lawrence, Leicestershire

2012, Natalie Jarvis, Kent

2012, Sharlana Diedrick, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Jade Ward, Derbyshire

2012, Catherine Wells-Burr, Avon and Somerset

2012, Hazel Bailey, Cheshire

2012, Charlotte Smith, Staffordshire

2012, Annette Creegan, Norfolk

2012, Delia Hughes, Hampshire

2012, Diana Lee, Cheshire

2012, Natasha Trevis, West Midlands

2012, Pam Wheeler, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Leah Whittle, Dorset

2012, Barbara Yates, North Wales

2012, Claire Parrish, Essex

2012, Linda Sheard, Devon and Cornwall

2012, Eva Rausing, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Gillian Andrade, Essex

2012, Patricia Seddon, Greater Manchester

2012, Christine Henderson, Cleveland

2012, Judith Ege, Avon and Somerset

2012, Eystna Blunnie, Essex

2012, Esther Arogundade, Greater Manchester

2012, Carmen Miron-Buchacra, Avon and Somerset

2012, Margot Sheehy, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Angela Crompton, Norfolk

2012, Megan Peat, Bedfordshire

2012, Razu Khanum, Greater Manchester

2012, Chrissie Azzopardi, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Kelly Marie Davies, Greater Manchester

2012, Bernadetta Jakubszyk, Hertfordshire

2012, Tuanjai Sprengel, Thames Valley

2012, Rushna Begum, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Deborah Morris, Hampshire

2012, Elisabeth Carroll, Cambridgeshire

2012, Naomi Asante, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Annette Sturt, Kent

2012, Jennifer Hume, Thames Valley

2012, Hannah Windsor, Merseyside

2012, Beata Hausner, West Midlands

2012, Christine Pearmain, Hertfordshire

2012, Lynda Jackson, West Midlands

2012, Saiba Khatoon, Greater Manchester

2012, Natalie Esack, Kent

2012, Emma Winnall, West Midlands

2012, Samantha Warren, West Yorkshire

2012, Corrin Barker, Nottinghamshire

2012, Julie Davison, North Yorkshire

2012, Lisa Hoolahan, Merseyside

2012, Carole Waugh, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Sara Williams, Merseyside

2012, Jacqueline Harrison, West Mercia

2012, Afsana Kossar, Bedfordshire

2012, Da In Lee, West Midlands

2012, Constance (Connie) French, Lancashire

2012, Yong Li Qui, Bedfordshire

2012, Elizabeth Coriat, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Lesley Larner, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Leanne McNuff, Greater Manchester

2012, Kimberley Frank, West Yorkshire

2012, Samantha Sykes, West Yorkshire

2012, Gemma McCluskie, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Fozia Ahmed, West Yorkshire

2012, Sarah Gosling, Northumbria

2012, Debra Johnson, Merseyside

2012, Margaret Biddolph, Merseyside

2012, Samantha Laney, Staffordshire

2012, Anne Leyland, Merseyside

2012, Patricia Cairns, West Yorkshire

2012, Cheryl Tariah, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Michelle Creed, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Josephine Gilliard, Lancashire

2012, Zudba Bi, Derbyshire

2012, Stacey Mackie, Cumbria

2012, Alethea Taylor, West Mercia

2012, Sarah Laycock, West Yorkshire

2012, Rebecca Holmes, Merseyside

2012, Marie McGrory, Thames Valley

2012, Kirsty Treloar, Metropolitan Police Service

2012, Betty Yates, West Mercia

2012, Susan McGoldrick, Durham

2012, Claire O’Connor, Warwickshire

2012, Alison Turnbull, Durham

2012, Tanya Turnbull, Durham

2012, Jane Archibold, Cumbria

2012, Sally Harrison, Devon and Cornwall

2012, Jean Blakey, Durham

2012, Maureen Tyler, Essex

2012, Carol Cooper, Essex

2012, Marion Stones, Greater Manchester

2012, Fiona Bone, Greater Manchester

2012, Nicola Hughes, Greater Manchester

2012, Unknown, Lancashire

2012, Margaret Krawcewicz, Lincolnshire

2012, Rebecca McPhee, Merseyside

2012, Hazel Woolley, Nottinghamshire

2012, Margaret Hobson, South Yorkshire

2012, Mary Saunders, Sussex

2012, Carole Kolar, West Midlands

2012, Janice Smithen, West Midlands

2012, Hester Mottershead, West Midlands

2012, Mariam Mohdaqi, West Yorkshire

2012, Eileen Callaghan, West Yorkshire


Year  Full Name       Police Force

2013, Dawn Warburton, Humberside Police

2013, Valerie Graves, Sussex

2013, Shamim Gabriel, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Dora Matthews, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Glennis Brierley, Merseyside

2013, Kerry Power, Devon and Cornwall

2013, Linda Lietaviete, Dorset

2013, Anna Maria Thomas, Sutton

2013, Dolleh Joseph, Greater Manchester

2013, Mahnaz Rafie, Greater Manchester

2013, Victoria Adams, Greater Manchester

2013, Jayden Parkinson, Thames Valley

2013, Poonam Kumar, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Annie Beaver, Hampshire

2013, Rose Doughty, Cleveland

2013, Carol French, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Mary (May) Evans, Bedfordshire

2013, Paula Newman, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Ethel Dohoney, Greater Manchester

2013, Anne-Marie Birch, Kent

2013, Jade Watson, West Yorkshire

2013, Ridda Zainab, West Yorkshire

2013, Jacqueline Parker, Essex

2013, Mariana Popa, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Gabrielle Stanley, South Yorkshire

2013, Nicole Waterhouse, North Yorkshire

2013, Amoe Stevens, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Junella Valentine, Essex

2013, Badri Dabir, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Tolu Kalejaiye, Essex

2013, Betty Constable, Lincolnshire

2013, Gemma Finnigan, Northumbria

2013, Shehnila Taufiq, Leicestershire

2013, Zainab Taufiq, Leicestershire

2013, Amina Bibi, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Varkha Rani, West Midlands

2013, Lisa Jane Banks, Northumbria

2013, Kirsty Humphrey, Essex

2013, Aamena (Jyoti) Hussain (Puaar), Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Rosemary Shearman, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Harjit Chaggar, Kent

2013, Betty Gallagher, West Yorkshire

2013, Sabrina Moss, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Julie Connaughton, Derbyshire

2013, Orina Morawiec, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Jane Wiggett, Gloucestershire

2013, Gail Lucas, West Yorkshire

2013, Judith Maude, Lancashire

2013, Mayurathy Perinpamoorihy, Avon and Somerset

2013, Anu Kapoor, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Linah Keza, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Keisha McKenzie, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Jean Redfern, South Yorkshire

2013, Sarah Redfern, South Yorkshire

2013, Alexandra Kovacs, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Rosemary Gill, Avon and Somerset

2013, Julie Beattie, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Jane McRae, West Midlands

2013, Shivani Kapoor, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Sabeen Thandi, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Denise Williamson, Nottinghamshire

2013, Louisa Denby, West Yorkshire

2013, Kate Dixon, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Linzi Ashton, Greater Manchester

2013, Asma Begum, West Yorkshire

2013, Zaneta Kindzierska, Greater Manchester

2013, Lilima Akter Munni, West Midlands

2013, Marianne Stones, Greater Manchester

2013, Kathryn Jenkin, Cumbria

2013, Alice McMeekin, Cumbria

2013, Rania Alayed, Greater Manchester

2013, Reema Ramzan, South Yorkshire

2013, Krishnamaya Mabo, Thames Valley

2013, Yvonne Walsh, West Midlands

2013, Myrna Holman, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Giuseppina Fazzani, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Georgia Williams, West Mercia

2013, Margery Gilbey, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Margaret Mercati, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Sybil Sibthorpe, Durham

2013, Margaret Knight, Northamptonshire

2013, Heather Arthur, Northumbria

2013, Christine Baker, Northumbria

2013, Salma Parveen, West Midlands

2013, Irene Dale, Humberside

2013, Charlotte Piccaver, Lincolnshire

2013, Farkhanda Younis, Greater Manchester

2013, Naika Inayat, West Midlands

2013, Dawn Warburton, Humberside

2013, Lisa Clay, Lancashire

2013, Deborah Simister, Wiltshire

2013, Janis Dundas, Cheshire

2013, Mary Roberts, Suffolk

2013, Daneshia Arthur, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Christina Edkins, West Midlands

2013, Susan Cole, Devon and Cornwall

2013, Chantelle Barnsdale-Quean, South Yorkshire

2013, Pamela Jackson, Durham

2013, Victoria Rose, Wiltshire

2013, Dimitrina Borisova, South Yorkshire

2013, Alexis Durant, Leicestershire

2013, Samantha Medland, Sussex

2013, Ganimete Hoti, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Pernella Forgie, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Hayley Pointon, Leicestershire

2013, Sasha Marsden, Lancashire

2013, Debbie Levey, Sussex

2013, Georgiana (Yuda) Stuparu (Marin), West Midlands

2013, Carole Mudie, West Midlands

2013, Chloe Siokos, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Virginija Jurkiene, Cambridgeshire

2013, Una Crown, Cambridgeshire

2013, Suzanne Newton, Wiltshire

2013, Myrna Kirby, Hertfordshire

2013, Anastasia Voykina, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Janelle Duncan Bailey, Metropolitan Police Service

2013, Derisa Trenchard, Devon and Cornwall

2013, Katrina Wardle, Leicestershire

2013, Kent, Thames Valley

2013, Louise May Evans, West Mercia

2013, Lilima Ahktar, West Midlands

2013, Michelle Giles, West Midlands

2013, Lillian Henderson, West Midlands


Year  Full Name       Police Force

2014, Elsie Mowbray, North Yorkshire

2014, Sameena Zaman, Leicestershire

2014, Catherine McDonald, Avon and Somerset

2014, Sarah O’Neill, Avon and Somerset

2014, Melissa Mathieson, Avon and Somerset

2014, Una Dorney, Avon and Somerset

2014, Caroline Finegan, Greater Manchester

2014, Elizabeth Thomas, Surrey

2014, Karen Wild, West Mercia

2014, Clara Patterson, Northumbria

2014, Karolina Nowikiewicz, Thames Valley

2014, Hollie Gazzard, Gloucestershire

2014, Christine Lee, Surrey

2014, Lucy Lee, Surrey

2014, Sara Al Shourefi, South Yorkshire

2014, Kirsty Wright, West Mercia

2014, Cherylee Shennan, Lancashire

2014, Tracy Maria Walters, Leicestershire

2014, Shirley Mercer/Holmes, Merseyside

2014, Dorothy (Dotty) Walker, South Yorkshire

2014, Kayleigh Palmer, Gloucestershire

2014, Yvette Hallsworth, Derbyshire

2014, Edna Fisher, Northumbria

2014, Pauline Butler, West Yorkshire

2014, Doreen Webb, Wiltshire

2014, Malgorzata Dantes, Nottinghamshire

2014, Ann Maguire, West Yorkshire

2014, Carol Dyson, Lancashire

2014, Angela Ward, Derbyshire

2014, Emma Siswick, West Yorkshire

2014, Yvonne Fox, Cheshire

2014, Rebecca Ann Bamber, Cheshire

2014, Jane Bartholomew, Suffolk

2014, Mingzi Yang, Lincolnshire

2014, Sheila Crout, Northumbria

2014, Sally Campion, Hertfordshire

2014, Sharon Wall, Gloucestershire

2014, Sharon Winters, Merseyside

2014, Helen Dawson, West Yorkshire

2014, Michaela Heaton, West Yorkshire

2014, Bei Carter, Humberside

2014, Carole Bland, Greater Manchester

2014, Elizabeth Knott, West Mercia

2014, Sandra Talman, Thames Valley

2014, Dorothy Brown, Merseyside

2014, Davinia Loynton, West Mercia

2014, Lorna McCarthy, Norfolk

2014, Maria Mayes, Leicestershire

2014, Donna Eastwood, Kent

2014, Raheela Imran, Thames Valley

2014, Claire Munro, Cheshire

2014, Margaret Tate, Humberside

2014, Eni Mevish, Staffordshire

2014, Deborah Ruse, Suffolk

2014, Valerie Davison, Devon and Cornwall

2014, Gillian Kettyle, Surrey

2014, Yvonne Tapp, Kent

2014, Carol Ruddy, Northumbria

2014, Michelle Jane Grey, Northumbria

2014, Julie Mercer, West Mercia

2014, Elaine Flanagan, Greater Manchester

2014, Rukshana Miah, Greater Manchester

2014, Edith Gravener, Merseyside

2014, Janet Mann, Warwickshire

2014, Beatrice Bennett, West Mercia

2014, Monica O’Neill, West Mercia

2014, Serena Orange, Bedfordshire

2014, Jenny Bryant, Durham

2014, Shana Cover, Warwickshire

2014, Barbara Hobbis, Hampshire

2014, Pennie Davis, Hampshire

2014, Nahid Al Manea, Essex

2014, Leanne Meecham, Essex

2014, Lynn Howarth, Greater Manchester

2014, Alice Gross, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Meryl Parry, Cumbria

2014, Leighan Duffy, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Glynis Bensley, West Midlands

2014, Palmira Silva, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Daksha Lad, West Yorkshire

2014, Trisha Lad, West Yorkshire

2014, Nisha Lad, West Yorkshire

2014, Magdalena Welna, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Leeann Foley, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Sannah Javed, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Andrea Carr, West Midlands

2014, Sameena Imam, West Midlands

2014, Hawa Mohamed Abdullah, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Sandra Brotherton, Greater Manchester

2014, Wendy Ambrose, Essex

2014, Tahira Ahmed, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Rui Li, Dorset

2014, Tamara Holboll, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Hayley Stringer, West Midlands

2014, Judith Nibbs, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Luan Leigh, West Midlands

2014, Cynthia Beamond, West Midlands

2014, Naudel Turner, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Shereka Marsh, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Kanwal Azam, West Midlands

2014, Mashael Albasman, Dorset

2014, Val Forde, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Milena Yuliyanov, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Maria Duque-Tunjano, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Amandeep Kaur Hothi, West Midlands

2014, Sandra Boakes, Sussex

2014, Susan Ashworth, West Yorkshire

2014, Natsnet Tekle Nahisi, Cleveland

2014, Madina Landsberg, Hertfordshire

2014, Quio Chang, West Midlands

2014, Susan Lancaster, West Yorkshire

2014, Nonita Karajavaite, Norfolk

2014, Nicola McKenzie, Greater Manchester

2014, Mariama Nije-Jallow, Norfolk

2014, Nicola Langtree, Greater Manchester

2014, Lydia Pascale, West Midlands

2014, Alison Morrison, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Jacqueline Oakes, West Midlands

2014, Angela Smeaton, Cleveland

2014, Sheila Wild, South Yorkshire

2014, Becky Ayres, Greater Manchester

2014, Rivka Holden, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Majella Lynch, Hampshire

2014, Anayat Bibi, South Yorkshire

2014, Julia Tshabala, Sussex

2014, Anne Alice Andre Jackson, Gwent Police

2014, Cerys Marie Yemm, Gwent Police

2014, Karen Catherall, North Wales

2014, Patricia Durrant, Dyfed-Powys Police

2014, Nadine Aburas, South Wales Police

2014, Helen Dillon, Metropolitan Police Service

2014, Jessica Watkins, Gwent Police


Year  Full Name       Police Force

2015, Susan Whiting, West Midlands

2015, Tracey Baker, Avon and Somerset

2015, Lisa Winn, Avon and Somerset

2015, Sophie MacDonald, Devon and Cornwall

2015, Tracey Woodford, South Wales Police

2015, Stacey Anne Henderson, Gwent Police

2015, Tina Montgomery, Staffordshire

2015, Rebecca Watts, Avon and Somerset

2015, Amal Khadar, Avon and Somerset

2015, Ramude Butkiene, Cambridgeshire

2015, Samantha Ho, Cambridgeshire

2015, Daria Pionko, West Yorkshire

2015, Alison Wilson, Cheshire

2015, Laura Davis, Essex

2015, Isabel Parker, Essex

2015, Gillian Phillips, Essex

2015, Kelly Pearce, Essex

2015, Rita King, Essex

2015, Kathlene Griffin, Essex

2015, Maria Byrne, Essex

2015, Katie Locke, Hertfordshire

2015, Samantha (Petra) Atkinson, Humberside

2015, Christina Spillane, Humberside

2015, Samantha Henderson, Dorset

2015, Sarah Pollock, Dorset

2015, Jennifer Williams, Dorset

2015, Amy Gough, Derbyshire

2015, Amy Smith, Derbyshire

2015, Shelly Saxton-Cooper, Derbyshire

2015, Gloria Perring, Devon and Cornwall

2015, Jane McCarthy, Devon and Cornwall

2015, Hilda Oakland, Devon and Cornwall

2015, Marjorie Elphick, Devon and Cornwall

2015, Helen Lancaster, Gloucestershire

2015, Yvonne Davies, Greater Manchester

2015, Joanne Harrison, Greater Manchester

2015, Frances Cleary-Senior, Greater Manchester

2015, Susan Davenport, Greater Manchester

2015, Miriam Nyuazema, Greater Manchester

2015, Katelyn Parker, Greater Manchester

2015, Natalia Strelchenko, Greater Manchester

2015, Sian Roberts, Greater Manchester

2015, Janet Jordon, Hampshire

2015, Anita Kapoor, Hampshire

2015, Kerry Michelle Reeves, Hampshire

2015, Josephine Williamson, Hampshire

2015, Mariola Cudworth, Kent

2015, Delyth Vera Andrews, Kent

2015, Jean Robertson, Kent

2015, Marian Smith, Lancashire

2015, Aileen Bell, Leicestershire

2015, Wendy Milligan, Leicestershire

2015, Kayleigh Haywood, Leicestershire

2015, Mumtaz Member, Leicestershire

2015, Kay Diamond, Merseyside

2015, Bernadette Fox, Merseyside

2015, Sarah Fox, Merseyside

2015, Ann-Marie Cropper, Merseyside

2015, Maxine Showers, Merseyside

2015, Jill Goldsmith, Northamptonshire

2015, Sandra Thomas, Northamptonshire

2015, Melissa Liddle, Northumbria

2015, Zeneta Balazova, Northumbria

2015, Sarrah Garba, Northumbria

2015, Susan Mitchelson, Northamptonshire

2015, Julie Ann Semper, Nottinghamshire

2015, Christine Massey, South Yorkshire

2015, Cecilia Powell, Staffordshire

2015, Linda Norcup, Staffordshire

2015, Lindsay Hughes, Staffordshire

2015, Maureen Postlethwaite, Surrey

2015, Lisa Anthony, Surrey

2015, Ava Anthony, Surrey

2015, Malgorzata Marczak, West Mercia

2015, Janet Muller, Sussex

2015, Emma Crowhurst, Sussex

2015, Lauren Masters, Sussex

2015, Julie Collier, Wiltshire

2015, Sheila Thompson, Sussex

2015, Nazia Aktar, West Midlands

2015, Laura Holden, West Midlands

2015, Florence Lagasca, West Midlands

2015, Jacqueline Abbott, West Midlands

2015, Anne Dunkley, West Midlands

2015, Wendy Mann, West Midlands

2015, Barbara Baraniecka, West Midlands

2015, Ravinder Jutla, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Bianca Shepherd, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Mahala Rhodes, West Yorkshire

2015, Marta Ligman, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Natalia Czekaj, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Emily Munemo, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Linda Mills, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Zohra Amrani, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Tracy Goodwin, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Lucy Ayris, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Shigi Rethishkumar, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Phyllis Hayes, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Nadia Khan, West Yorkshire

2015, Rita Stephens, South Wales Police

2015, Lorraine Barwell, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Marie Florisse Corette, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Jill Moon, Sussex

2015, Jenny Foote, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Denisa Silmen, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Elife Beqa, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Elizabeth Nnyanzi, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Karen Reid, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Usha Patel, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Imelda Molina, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Wendy Goodman, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Sian Blake, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Mambero Ghebreflafie, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Guida Rufino, West Yorkshire

2015, Vanessa Santillan, Metropolitan Police Service

2015, Pauline King, Norfolk

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