Power of Change: facilitation programme

Power of Change: facilitation programme

How to set up and run support groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to set up and run support groups for survivors of domestic abuse using the ‘Power of Change’ manual. The training explores fundamental issues facilitators must consider when delivering the programme. The training introduces the Power of Change Programme, offering facilitators an overview of each of the programme’s 12 sessions.

From 2024, we are delighted to offer a new edition of the original Power to Change Programme, which was produced by collaborative work of feminists from Estonia, Portugal, Italy, Hungary and the UK. This new edition is renamed Power of Change. This edition brings forward the social context of women’s lived experiences; it makes more evident the intersectional nature of domestic abuse; and it highlights survivors’ agency, resilience, and power to transform their lives.

The programme was designed for women and to be facilitated by women. It is best suitable for experienced domestic abuse practitioners with at least some experience of facilitating group work with women.

What does the course cover?

  • The main principles of developing and running a successful survivors’ support group.
  • The contents of the Power of Change manual
  • Practise relevant group facilitation skills.
  • Meeting survivors’ needs in group work in trauma informed ways.


What does the Power of Change Programme for survivors cover?

• Session 1: Basic rights
• Session 2: Power and privilege
• Session 3: Oppressive and equal relationships
• Session 4: Why is it hard to leave?
• Session 5 Mothering and domestic abuse
• Session 6: Trauma and oppression
• Session 7: Grief, guilt, shame
• Session 8: Fear and anger
• Session 9: Boundaries
• Session 10: Assertiveness and relationships
• Session 11: The power of change
• Session 12: Endings and beginnings

Course dates and booking:

Duration: four mornings , 10-1pm, delivered via zoom.

July 2024

November 2024

March 2025

Cost per person: £525 for non members and £472.50 for members.

Please note that there is an expectation that only trained and experienced facilitators run the Power of Change programme.

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The trainer included diversity and inclusion principles throughout the training, which I found profound. This allowed us to view domestic abuse through a different lens, whilst being aware and cognizant of the fact that we (and many of our clients) come from rich and diverse backgrounds, full of nuances and differences in our identity. Personally this made me feel seen, heard and valued and I’m hoping we can continue to use these same principles, with the women we seek to support and empower. – Train the Trainer participant

Trainer profile:

Bianca Petkova

Dr Bianca Petkova is an experienced training officer at Women’s Aid. She is a trained psychologist specialising in the psychology of women. Since joining Women’s Aid in 2008, Bianca has developed and delivered many accredited and bespoke courses for practitioners in the field of domestic abuse.

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