26th August 2019

Lucy May Walker raises awareness of Women’s Aid during the release of her new single “Without Him”. In this interview, Lucy shares her feelings on songwriting, domestic abuse and why she wanted to raise awareness of Women’s Aid.

What is the song about and when did you write it?

Without Him is a song I wrote around a year ago about a friend of mine in an unhealthy relationship. I watched her mental health deteriorate and I could only see it getting worse if she stayed with him, so I wanted to write something that might help her see the bigger picture.

How do you feel when performing it?

It’s quite a hard song for me to perform as I can get really emotional. It’s an issue that’s so close to my heart but I know how important it is to talk about it.

Did you know much about emotional abuse before this?

I’ve been lied to a lot in my life, and I found myself in relationships with people who would take advantage of knowing that and would lie to me then tell me I had trust issues. I would know in my gut they were lying to me but they’d gaslight me and make me believe I was the one with the issue over them. Leaving my two ex boyfriends who did this to me ended up being the best thing I ever did and although it took a long time, I am now living a much happier life.

This is what makes it harder for me to see my friends go through the same situation because I’ve been there and I know how hard it is to leave but I also know how much better life can be when you eventually do.

Why did you want to raise awareness Women’s Aid?

I sang the song live when I supported Wet Wet Wet recently on their UK tour and I was approached by a mother who lost her daughter to an abusive relationship. She suggested I contact Women’s Aid as the song had really connected with her and she thought it would help a lot of people through the charity. When I wrote the song for my friend I hadn’t thought about it much further than helping her individually, but if it had the opportunity to help someone else then I wanted it to reach as many people in abusive relationships as possible. Women’s aid is the perfect platform for this and if it helps just one person seek help then it has succeeded.

If you could say one thing to survivors of domestic abuse reading this, what would it be?

No one sets out to be in abusive relationship, and so many of us won’t realise we’re in one for a very long time. But I absolutely promise, when you leave the relationship for good – you open yourself up for to lead a stronger, happier life. Learning how to love myself on my own was the best lesson I ever learnt.

Listen to Lucy’s new single out “Without Him” by clicking here.

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