Resources for children and young people

Resources for children and young people

Supporting women and babies after domestic abuse

This toolkit for early years equips domestic abuse specialists with appropriate knowledge and skills to support pregnant women and women with babies and toddlers.

It will help domestic abuse workers to build:

  • an understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on early parenting;
  • an understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on the development of infants and very young children;
  • and a model of support that is woman centred and infant centred.

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Expect Respect Leaflet (A5)

It covers:

  • Respect checklist
  • What a healthy relationship looks like
  • Relationship quiz
  • FAQs
  • Who can I talk to?
  • How can I help my friend or family member?
  • Support and information

Women’s Aid thank The Body Shop UK for funding the production of this booklet.

Price: Free download only

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Controlling Behaviour in Relationships

Talking to young people about healthy relationships

In partnership with Avon, we have produced a guide that will:

  • help you recognise if your child is being controlled by their partner
  • help you to talk about healthy behaviour in relationships with your child
  • show you how to collect evidence of coercive control
  • and tell you where to go if you or your child needs help.
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