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This winter, thousands of women and children will be trapped at home with an abuser.

For most people, the festive period is a time for joy and making happy memories with family. For women experiencing domestic abuse, it’s about surviving.

Domestic abuse doesn’t take a break. When home isn’t safe, we’re here.

Our support meant Yasmin and Lucy didn’t have to face abuse alone. With our help, they were able to start a new and happy life. But there are thousands more women like them who desperately need us.  

“Hopeless. Ashamed. Powerless. I didn’t tell anybody.” 

This is how Yasmin felt when she was trapped in an abusive relationship for 9 years. Isolated and afraid, she didn’t tell anyone about the abuse until she turned to us. We gave her the courage to leave. 

“Lonely, small. Afraid and exhausted. Everything felt relentless.” 

Lucy was desperate to leave but fear of what he might do made it feel impossible. Every four days a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner in England and Wales. No women should suffer or be killed because they can’t get support needed to leave an abuser. Lucy escaped thanks to our help. 

Domestic abuse costs women so much. It can cost her health, her safety, her career, her home. For some women it could even cost her life. No woman should pay this price.

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