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Gordon Ramsey, Nicola Harwin and David Blunkett

Women's Aid 30th Birthday

Our birthday was celebrated during 2004 –2005 and was launched at 11 Downing Street on the 2nd November 2004. It was hosted by the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Sarah Brown, Women’s Aid’s 30th Birthday Patron.

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Women’s Aid also received oustanding support from celebrities, companies, people in government, domestic violence agencies and the health sector.  

Julie Walters
“I am delighted to add my voice in support of Women’s Aid. Their work is absolutely essential to ensure that the thousands of women and children who live in fear in their own homes are adequately provided for and protected. Happy 30th Birthday Women’s Aid.  Until domestic violence ceases to exist, may your good work continue with the support it needs and deserves.”

Beverley Knight
"Happy Birthday Women's Aid. Congratulations to you and to all of the abused women and children you have helped over the last 30 years for your courage and determination."


Richard CurtisRichard Curtis

"Women's Aid have helped thousands of women over the last 30 years at a time in their lives when they felt most alone, most vulnerable.  Congratulations on achieving so much to bring an end to domestic violence. Keep up the good work!"

sarah-brown-80Sarah Brown, Women’s Aid Patron

“I am honoured to be a Patron of an organisation that has done so much over the last 30 years for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Happy Birthday Women’s Aid.”  

Rhona Cameron
"The work of Women's Aid is absolutely vital. Women and children should not have to live with domestic violence. Congratulations Women's Aid for all you have done in the last 30 years and very best wishes for the future!"

Nick Hornby

“Domestic violence is a terrible reality that affects the lives of thousands of women and their children. Women’s Aid’s work over the last 30 years has been vital in ensuring that abused women and their children receive support and access to somewhere safe and secure. Their work continues to be essential.”

Meera Syal
“Over the last 30 years, Women’s Aid has developed a network offering a diverse range of services to ensure that all women are supported according to their specific needs.  This includes projects such as the Newham Asian Women’s Project that I work closely with. It is so important that Women’s Aid’s work can continue to ensure that all abused women are given the help they desperately need.”

Lorraine Kelly
“I have met and continue to meet many courageous women that have been helped and supported by Women’s Aid's important work. Happy 30th Birthday Women’s Aid! I hope that your efforts will receive the recognition and support that you need.”


Fiona Bruce
"Happy Birthday Women's Aid and well done for all of your hard work over the last 30 years to help women and children who are being abused in their homes. Through my work as a journalist, and though the personal experience of people I am close to, I've gained an understanding of the reality of domestic violence and know that  Women's Aid's support is desperately needed."

George Alaghia
“The fact that domestic violence still scars the lives of so many women and their families ought to be a source of deep shame for a civilised society. The fact that we know about its occurrence and social impact is a tribute to work of Women's Aid of the last 30 years and I wish them great success in all the work they still have to do in the future.”

Andrea Catherwood
“I believe every woman should feel safe in their own home and have someone to turn to when they do not. Over the last 30 years you have provided that help to countless women. I applaud the vital work that you have done and wish you every success for the future.”

Fay Ripley

"Women's Aid provide vital help for women and children who need support and protection from abuse in the home. With very best wishes to Women's Aid and good luck for the future."

Lawrence Dallaglio
"Congratulations Women's Aid on reaching your 30th Birthday. Your work is invaluable to women across the whole country.”

Bill Ward

"I contacted Women's Aid to gain a better understanding of domestic violence whilst I was preparing for a storyline. They helped me enormously in researching my role and I would like to thank them for all their support. They work incredibly hard to raise awareness of domestic violence and I would like to wish them all the very best in their 30th year".

June Sarpong
“Congratulations. Happy 30th Birthday. Keep up the good work and carry on making a difference.”  

Policy and other agencies


Baroness Joyce Gould
“Over these 30 years Women’s Aid has provided essential support and safety for women and children fleeing from domestic violence. It is crucial that this service continues and is expanded to protect those who are vulnerable to violence in their own homes. Domestic violence is never acceptable”

Paul Boateng
"Women's Aid have for 30 years worked to end a culture in which domestic violence was acceptable; and to help the thousands of women every year who are victims of domestic violence to escape. Women's Aid have provided valuable support to people at extremely vulnerable times in their lives. Congratualtions, and best wishes for continued good work. "

District Judge Marilyn Mornington
"It is impossible to pay due credit to the enormous contribution Women's
Aid have made in the last 30 years to the ongoing revolution in the
attitude  to domestic violence in the UK. Their in depth research guides
those practising the law and Parliament in changing it. With such limited
funds they are the life line for ,and voice of, hundreds of thousands of
women and children every year. Nicola Harwin and her  dedicated team are an
example and inspiration to us all! "

Baroness Margaret Prosser
"Congratulations to Women's Aid on thirty years of providing a crucial lifeline to women and children experiencing domestic violence. We at the WNC are very lucky to count Women's Aid amongst our close friends. Their unstinting support and extreme generosity in sharing their expertise has helped us make a difference to Government policy and to women's lives. A big thank you goes to Women's Aid!"

Vera Baird QC MP
" I have been closely involved with Women's Aid throughout this Parliamentary session. Their work on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence, which I chair, has been invaluable. They are key players in the development of Labour's Domestic Violence (Crime and Victims) Bill and provided vital imput when I was on the committee for the Bill. The work they have done to push Domestic Violence up the political agenda of a sympathetic government cannot be underestimated. Women's Aid are one of the best political lobbyists in town."

Baroness Thornton
"It is an indictment of the violence in our society that Women's Aid exists at all, but thank goodness it does. Congratulations on your 30th birthday. All strength to your vital work supporting vunerable women and children, and campaign to stop domestic violence"

Dame Helen Reeves, Chief Executive, Victim Support
"Congratulations to Women's Aid on all your achievements during the past
30 years.  You have made an enormous contribution to the rights of women
by pioneering and developing vital services for people trapped in violent
domestic situations.  It is significant that your policy work is also bearing
fruit this year, with new legislation. Victim Support, which is also 30 years old this year, values the partnership we have established and wishes you well in everything you do in the future."

Assistant Chief Constable Jim Gamble, ACPO Lead for Domestic Violence and Harassment
“The police are extremely fortunate to work in partnership with such a respected voluntary organisation. They support and educate the police. I am in no doubt that their work saves lives”

Hilton Dawson MP, Joint Chair of the All Party Group for Children
“Women’s Aid is a fantastic organization. While they are marvelous for women it is often overlooked that they set the highest standards of care of children and the protection of their rights.” 

Kate Allen, Amnesty International
"Amnesty International UK would like to express our deepest congratulations to Women’s Aid for thirty years of invaluable work to end domestic violence.  Women’s Aid’s unique combination of service delivery and campaigning has helped countless vulnerable women and children across the UK. We are extremely privileged to work with Women’s Aid on our STOP Violence Against Women Campaign, and look forward to building this relationship further as Women’s Aid continues to provide such crucial services to so many women."

David Blunkett,  Home Secretary  
“ Women’s Aid have for the last 30 years been providing vital support, advice and services to women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. The commitment and determination of all those who work for Women’s Aid means that women can gain the confidence and empowerment to rebuild their children’s lives.

"It is the hard work and pressure from groups such as yours that has been so important in getting us as a Government to act as decisively – for example with the new legislation going through Parliament now aimed at tackling the scourge of domestic violence.

I congratulate you on your many achievements over the last 30 years and join in looking forward to many more successful years to come."

Mary March Director and Chief Executive
“The NSPCC warmly congratulates Women’s Aid on its 30th birthday. Research in recent years had demonstrated the strong correlation between domestic violence and child abuse. This is also very apparent from the experience of both the NSPCC and Women’s Aid. We are therefore pleased to collaborate with Women’s Aid in many areas, including research and influencing law and social policy so that thos e affected by domestic violence are better protected. Women’s Aid has provided strong leadership and very effectively raised awareness of the needs of women and their children who suffer the horrors of domestic violence behind closed doors. We all have to work closely together to stop such cruelty.”

Jan Berry, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales
"Congratulations on making a real difference to the lives of abused women and children over the last 30 years. It's been great working with you and we look forward to celebrating your next significant birthday."


Health quotes

Andrew Parry, Community Staff Nurse
"Women's Aid provide a wide range of useful resources about domestic violence, including information leaflets in different languages. They provide a valuable service to many women and children and I wish them the very best in their 30th year."

Carrie Ferguson, Named Nurse for Child Protection
" Women's Aid works tirelessly to protect children from domestic violence, creating awareness, working with government and providing information. Congratulations to Women's Aid for 30 years of dedicated work."

Dr Margaret Morris GP
"Women's Aid has worked with health professionals over the last three years to raise awareness of domestic violence within the sector. Domestic violence is a major health issue and we all have to work together to ensure that abused women and children have access to the appropriate help and information. Congratulations to Women's Aid on 30 years of working to end domestic violence."

Lesley Buckley, Health visitor
"More women than you would ever imagine are abused by their partners, it happens to women from all backgrounds, regardless of race, class or background. It is vital that women experiencing domestic violence have access to support and advice, so it is fantastic to see Women's Aid celebrate it's 30th year."

Jilly Palmer, Health visitor
"Women's Aid not only supports women but also children who are often the silent casualties of domestic violence. Women's Aid information and literature is invaluable to professionals working with families. Congratulations on celebrating your 30th year."

Corporate Quotes

Jo Randell, BT People Networks Manager
"At BT, we know that our support of Women's Aid directly helps thousands of women and children who experience domestic violence.  We believe it is important that employers do not ignore these issues and the effect that they have on people's performance at work, that’s why we are proud of our association with Women's Aid, and wish them all the best for their 30th birthday, and for the years ahead."

Emma Wills, House of Fraser
“House of Fraser is delighted to be supporting Women’s Aid by donating 25 pence to the charity for every sale of our new Personal Alarm product. Women’s Aid supports and helps thousands of women and children to survive domestic violence and rebuild their lives every year. We are so pleased that money raised through this initiative will go directly towards funding their vital work.”

Debbie Sutton, Social Responsibility Committee, Northern Foods
“We know that our donations will go directly towards funding Women’s Aid’s vital work to prevent domestic violence. Northern Foods welcomes this opportunity to support a charity whose work is so valuable.”

Deborah Jones, GE Capital
“We believe that the subject of domestic violence needs to be addressed and, with one woman in four affected by domestic violence, we wish to protect our staff. Women’s Aid offer abused women support and a place of safety and GE Capital are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to their work.”

Clare Brine, The Dixons Group Partnership
“The Dixons Group Partnership were delighted to be able to support the important work that Women’s Aid carry out to help protect the thousands of women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.”