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Helpline poster

New! National Domestic Violence Helpline poster

Text: If you're frightened of your partner, call us.

Size: Can be printed up to A2

This poster is currently only available to download. 

Colour version (for colour printing)

Black and white version (for B&W printers) 


Digital stalking leaflet & posterA4 Digital Stalking - poster

A5 Digital Stalking - leaflet

Text: Is your partner watching your every move? 

For help and information on digital stalking read our Digital stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims (below).


women with mobile phoneDigital stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims
Author: Jennifer Perry

Women’s Aid has teamed up with national stalking charity Network for Surviving Stalking to launch a practical guide for victims of stalking. ‘Digital stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims’ is an important resource for all stalking victims, including the many survivors of domestic violence who are being stalked by an ex-partner. It explains the wide range of technological risks for those being stalked, including use of Spyware on personal computers, tracking devices on mobile phones and tracking of information through social networking sites.

expect-respectA5 LEAFLET: Expect Respect - FREE TO DOWNLOAD
Part of the Expect Respect Resources - (Nov 2007)
A leaflet for children and young people about healthy relationships, showing respect to others and what to do if you are experiencing abuse.


Part of the Expect Respect Resources (Nov 2007)
This card gives the numbers of helplines to call if a child is experiencing domestic violence. If you require a different quantity/combination of Expect Respect resources than currently listed on the order form, please email Ruth Willcocks.
Price: FREE (+ postage & staff costs)



PRINT-OUT GAME: Chatterbox for children - DOWNLOAD ONLY
A “chatterbox” game for younger children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, which suggests ways to deal with emotions. This product cannot be ordered. It is only available as a download.
Price: FREE 



dv-the-mythsA5 LEAFLET: Domestic Violence - The myths 
Tackles the myths of domestic violence, including:
"It's just the odd domestic tiff. All couples have them."
"Domestic violence only happens in working class families."
"She's not really threatened by violence. It's just an exuse to get re-housed."
"It can't be that bad or she'd leave."
Price: 40p per leaflet

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A5 LEAFLET: Domestic Violence - the risks to Children
Leaflet explains what domestic violence is and the risks to children, including tackling myths such as "My children don't know about the violence" and "My partner is only violent to me - he never harms my children".
Price: 40p per leaflet

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A5 LEAFLET: Domestic violence - Your legal rights
Leaflet addresses your legal rights in a domestic violence situation, including:
- What action the police can take
- Getting protection - what options do I have?
- What happens after your partner is arrested
- What will happen at court?
- What if he still pesters me?
Price: 40p per leaflet


A5 LEAFLET: Health and domestic violence: a life and death issue
12 page leaflet with information on: domestic violence and the role of the health service; understanding the fear of disclosing domestic violence; action following disclosure and how health professionals can help; contact information for domestic violence services.
Price: 40p per leaflet

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A5 LEAFLET: Has she told you everything?
12 page leaflet targeted towards mental health professionals and those working in drug and alcohol services. Explains the links between domestic violence and mental health, drug and alcohol use issues. The leaflet focuses on the key role that health professionals can play in supporting women experiencing domestic violence who access their services.
Price: 50p per leaflet 
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