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Safe Issue 38Safe Issue 38 - Summer 2011 

Highlights include...

The future of feminism
Is feminism dead? According to Sylvia Walby it is far from it, and in this exclusive article adapted for Safe from her new book The Future of Feminism, she discusses the challenges the feminist agenda faces. With a particular focus on the violence against women sector, she argues the case for seeking out less obvious allies who are actually pursuing feminist goals, and working together to achieve them.

Use it before we lose it: how can the violence against women sector use the Human Rights Act in these challenging times?
Most people working in the sector know that violence against women and children is a breach of human rights, but how many know how it can practically be applied? Sanchita Hosali writes about how the Human Rights Act works and its value to the sector, exploring some of the less well known obligations that public authorities are bound to adhere to.

Unravelling equality - a human rights and equality impact assessment of public spending cuts on women in Coventry
Coventry Women’s Voices recent report offered a very interesting illustration of how cuts across a wide range of services will undermine equality and access to support for women in that area, and raises questions for services across the country who may well see a similar affect.  Whilst the full report covers a wide range of issues, here Mary-Ann Stephenson focuses on some of the specific areas affecting women experiencing domestic and sexual violence.

Safety for victims of domestic violence with an insecure immigration status: one step forward two steps back?
The Home Office has recently changed the domestic violence rule without consultation. Cate Briddick from Rights of Women argues why these changes make it harder for victims of domestic violence to get Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Finding a voice: how family and friends help the victim to be heard in Domestic Homicide Reviews
Recently domestic homicide reviews became law, a welcome step forward. Frank Mullane set up the charity AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse) following the murders of his sister and nephew. In this article he discusses how the reviews could help agencies learn vital lessons, so long as their implementation is more than just paperwork, and that family and members of the community are fully involved.

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