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fay ripleyFrequently asked questions

Below are a few questions we've been asked about the ACT campaignn specifically in relation to the celebrity photos.

How much did the campaign cost?

Except for a few overheads, everything else was donated to us for free - Rankin's time, the celebrities' time, the advertising space we secured through supporters and the publicity we created ourselves.

Advertising agency Grey London also kindly support us for free. They played a huge part in the campaign by helping us in practically every way, including the actual development and production of the advertisements.

How were the celebrities chosen?

We approached a wide variety of women from all ages and ethnicities. Due to busy diaries it was very difficult to secure dates for the photoshoot. The women that have appeared in this phase of the campaign were those whose availability coincided with Rankin's at the time. We are now busy trying to arrange celebrities and shoot dates for the next phase.

Why do all the women only show the possible physical effects of domestic abuse?

Domestic violence needn't be physical - it can also be emotional, financial and mental. The text mentions the emotional scars of domestic violence - but these are obviously harder to portray visually, although the celebrities have tried to convey the emotional abuse in their eyes. We needed the pictures to be shocking enough to raise awareness of domestic violence, to get people talking about it, and to make those experiencing it realise that they are not alone.