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How serious do the police take breaches of harassment orders?

Hi everyone, I've not been on her for a while, but need some advice if anyone can? When they are given a harassment order for 3 years at the court (not sure exactly what its called) how seriously do the police take further contact off him? for example if i go to the police and say he's sent me a few texts and emails, non are threatening and no i haven't responded are they likely to do anything or just warn him? It just seems pointless me going to the police if they just caution him again, as that will just make him more mad and then i know i'll be in danger again. I feel torn my womans aid advisor told me i should report it after i told her about the emails, but i didn't want to go through it all again. He texted me one word at weekend "brave" as he saw my car outside my bestfriends house, i haven't been to her house in 6 months because he lives near her, but she is heavily pregnant and i feel like i'm losing my best friend because i'm so scared of him. I just feel like they aren't going to lock him up over a few texts and emails, and if i report it he'll then get mad and probably hurt me, anyone have any experience and can advise me please? I don't like the option of reporting him, them doing nothing but warning him and then him getting mad and seriously hurting me again, yes i understand the police will then lock him up once he has attacked me, but i'd prefer not to take that option!

Created by Seashell on 13-Feb-12 17:33 GMT


if the harrassment order says he is not to contact you and he has then he should get arrested.

you should go tell the police right now, don't let him worm his way back in or think she might let me.

just slam him every time, like she says on supernanny let him know you mean what you say.

bein put on the order was his warning now he needs a seriously long timeout

i hope they do an hour a year at the police station and he gets thrown in cells for at least 24

please please tell the police and stop him now so you are safe

hugs xxxxx

Posted by pigeon on 13-Feb-12 18:03 GMT


You should report it to the police so that they note it down, he doesnt have to be arrested or even cautioned for it. But if any incidents are logged then if something more serious happens it can be used in court and the police need to know of any contact to make sure you are safe. Hope this helps x

Posted by finallymovingon:) on 13-Feb-12 18:26 GMT


think you should report him...
The message saying "brave" is quite intimidating - I would be petrified, it implies that you are right to stay away from the best friend's potentially.
My WA adviser got to me by saying that if I want the police to best help me, they need to be fully informed, and as she brought my LO into the equation, I did report his contact. It was breach of bail, conditions were not to contact me, he wrote me a letter of apology admitting what he did.
He got arrested, but not remanded until trial, although they said that he will be because they failed to arrest him within 24 hours of the breach. But eh was cautioned and held overnight - I think it is a good thing.

Your must be thinking now that he broke the harassment order and did not get anything for it, he has the control...

Posted by counting days on 13-Feb-12 18:41 GMT

i agree,

it's an implied threat. Contact the Police. Definitely. Explain how frightened you are. He is trying to frighten you... fight back i say. Use the law and he is breaching it. Good luck. xXx

Posted by Chloe on 13-Feb-12 22:38 GMT

Report it

my ex has a harrassment order & the police told me if he breaches he will be arrested.Ive got to take our son to a hospital appointent a long way from our home,my ex knows what time the appointment is & got his solicitor to ask if he could come to it.I said no of course. If he shows up I will call the police & he will be arrested.I have been assured of this.Apparently harrasment orders have various conditions depending on the situation.Take good care.Angelgirl.xx

Posted by angelgirl on 13-Feb-12 23:19 GMT

Thank you xx

for your support and telling me i'm not over-reacting, the man terrifies me, i'm gonna go to the police tomorrow, can't sleep and stressing over what his next move is gonna be, i know hes supposed to be moving back into the area, i just don't understand why if hes with someone else he still stalks me and still intimidates me. I just think i've lost faith in how a piece of paper is supposed to keep me safe. Hes never gonna leave me alone.

Posted by Seashell on 14-Feb-12 01:29 GMT

Let us know how you get on x x x

And Happy Valentines Day to you! (maybe a bit out of place here, but hey x)

Posted by counting days on 14-Feb-12 10:15 GMT

quick update....

they are going to talk to him, even though i stated that if they can't charge him to just make a record and leave it in case things get worse. i haven't made a formal statement, at the moment i have 3 outcomes -
1: they caution him, he realises the police will not protect me
2:they arrest him and let him out on bail pending charges, he decides he has nothing to lose
3: they charge him, lock him up and i'm safe, whilst pigs fly and there really is gold at the end of the rainbow...

Guess its time to move house again then :-(

Posted by Seashell on 17-Feb-12 02:56 GMT