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Our history - 1980s

1989: The Children Act 1989 - The Act placed great emphasis on child protection and parental responsibility but ignored domestic violence. Women's Aid continued to lobby for better understanding of the impact of domestic violence on children’s safety.

1988: The Housing Act 1988 - Introduced assured tenancies and de-regulated rents which led to a more insecure future for women and children escaping domestic violence and seeking housing in the private sector. However the Act paved the way for greater development of supported housing services which helped refuge service development. 
1988: We support the establishment of new local multi-agency forums on domestic violence and works in partnership to develop new training resources.
1987: We establish the first ever National Domestic Violence Helpline service to meet the increasing number of calls to Women’s Aid national office. The Helpline not only provided help and support for abused women and children, as well as agency professionals seeking advice, it also became a national referral point for access to the national network of refuge and support services.
1980: We continue to lobby for domestic violence to be treated as a criminal as well as a civil matter; lobbying for action by the police and criminal justice system throughout the 1980s.