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The Gold BookOur history - 1990s

1999: We launch the first comprehensive domestic violence website in the UK and The Gold Book, the first ever UK-wide public directory of local refuge and helpline services.

 1999: Women’s ministers launch Living Without Fear, a national strategic approach to violence against women.

1998: Families Without Fear: the Women’s Aid Agenda for Action on Domestic Violence is circulated to over 40,000 organisations and individuals, who also back a postcard campaign to the new Women’s Minister to lobby for a national strategy on domestic violence.
We lobby successfully for amendments to the Family Law Act Part IV, which gives more effective civil remedies for protection from violent partners with automatic powers of arrest where violence has been used or threatened.

1995: National postcard campaign with The Body Shop – the 1 in 5 campaign – to raise awareness and to help lobby government for greater legal protection (see above).

1994: Women’s Aid distribute the first ever domestic violence cinema advert to the soundtrack of Lyle Lovett’s “Stand By Your Man”, supported by the Home Office.

1993-1995:  We support development of the Jordache Family storyline. Channel 4 Soap Brookside run an extremely high profile domestic violence storyline.
1993-4: Following Women's Aid lobbying, the Home Affairs Select Committee Enquiry into Domestic Violence recommend that funding to ensure effective provision of refuge services is the single most important measure the government can take.

1990 -2: Women's Aid co-write the report regarding the two year long victim support National Inter-agency working party on domestic violence, which leads to the establishment of Inter-agency support into domestic violence.
1990: The Law Commission Enquiry into Domestic Violence make recommendations for a new law after taking evidence from a wide range of legal and court professionals, and quoting Women’s Aid’s seminal 1989 research “Not Worth the Paper…” on survivors’ experience of getting legal protection through the courts.