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Patrons & AmbassadorsPatrons & ambassadors


Women’s Aid has enlisted the support of high-profile individuals to help promote the message that domestic violence is unacceptable.
Our Patrons
: Sarah Brown, Dame Jenni Murray and Julie Walters CBE 
Our Ambassadors: Will Young, Kevin Whately, Bill Ward, Tana and Gordon Ramsay, Charlie Webster

Find out about our other celebrity supporters, and what they said on our 30th birthday.  


 Jahmene Douglas Real Man

Jahméne, Ambassador for Children and Young People

Jahméne joined Women's in December 2012. Along with his mother Mandy Thomas, Jahméne and his siblings have been helped by Women’s Aid as they escaped their abusive father, and have lived in refuges all over the country.

Having lived with abuse Jahméne says “When you stand on the right mountains you can see the beauty of life. I want to front Women’s Aid and help to make it a mountain of strength, a sanctuary for those who need it and I’m proud to be part of its foundations.”

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Football United Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster, Women's Aid Ambassador
Television presenter and athlete Charlie Webster joined Women's Aid as an Ambassador in 2010 and during this time has been an active fundraiser. In 2014 she took on Charlie's Big Challenge, running across the country via 40 football clubs to cover 250 miles in just 7 days. Previously she has also taking on a 'Funny Women Charity Challenge', doing stand up in front of a live audience. Charlie, who is a child survivor of domestic violence, is also the presenter of the Avon and Women's Aid Empowering Women Awards ceremony. Charlie works closely with Women's Aid to both raise awareness and funds for Women's Aid.



Sarah Brown, Women’s Aid Patron

Sarah Brown joined Women’s Aid as our 30th Birthday Patron in 2004 and Women’s Aid were fortunate enough to launch our 30th Birthday year at a reception at 11 Downing Street later that year. Sarah continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to our work and currently sits on Women’s Aid’s Corporate Development Board (for further details of the Corporate Development Board, please contact Lucy on 0117 983 7128.

Dame Jenni Murray, Women’s Aid Patron
Our inaugural Patron, Dame Jenni Murray, a Broadcaster on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, has supported Women’s Aid for many years. Jenni joined us as a Patron of Women’s Aid in 2002 and has since won Celebrity Weakest Link for Women’s Aid and supported a wide range of Women’s Aid events and activities.

“I believe whole-heartedly in Women's Aid's work to end domestic violence. I consider myself fortunate never to have experienced abuse and wish that all women were as lucky as I am. No one should be mentally, physically or emotionally abused by someone they live with, everyone has a right to feel safe in their own home.”

Julie Walters CBE, Women’s Aid Patron

Julie, a household name, became a Women’s Aid patron in 2004 and has since supported a range of Women’s Aid’s work, including the 30th Birthday year activities.



will-youngWill Young, Women’s Aid Ambassador

Former Pop Idol Will became Women’s Aid’s first Ambassador in 2003 and has since dedicated a great deal of time getting to know our work and helping us out. He’s helped us raise money through a variety of contacts and performances (including an Ebay auction where he cleared out his wardrobe to raise money for charity!). Will’s speech and press work at the launch of The Hideout in April 2005 greatly contributed the launch’s success, ensuring thousands more children new that help was available through the site.

“Women’s Aid is a charity which I hold great respect for. I am proud to put my name beside this cause and hope that I may be able help more people affected by the terrors of domestic violence, as well as help to create a wider awareness within our society.” Will Young. 


kevinwhatleyKevin Whatley, Women’s Aid Ambassador

Many years ago Kevin, an actor best known for playing Sergeant Lewis in the acclaimed ITV show Inspector Morse, played an abusive husband in Trip Trap, a BBC drama. This gave him a unique insight into the reality of domestic violence and when we asked him to become our Ambassador in 2004, he agreed immediately as he understood the importance of Women’s Aid’s work. Kevin spoke at the launch of our 30th Birthday year and has since supported our work in a number of ways.


Bill Ward, Women’s Aid Ambassador

Bill, an actor, approached us when researching his role for Coronation Street and we haven’t let him get away since! Bill became a Women’s Aid Ambassador in 2005 and has worked tirelessly to support Women’s Aid through public awareness work. His support has been featured in The Sun, The Mirror and a range of other media to promote our work.

Tana and Gordon Ramsay
Having attended the 30th Birthday Event, Tana and Gordon went on to run the Flora Family Marathon for Women’s Aid (a scheme that encourages families across the UK to run the distance of a full Marathon between them whilst raising funds for celebrity families’ chosen charities).

For most people to complete this challenge once would be enough, however they both chose to run the Flora London Marathon for Women’s Aid again this year!

As well as raising vital funds for Women’s Aid the family have promoted our work through various media interviews including; The Telegraph, The Sun, The Scotsman and Tonight with Jonathan Ross.

Tana and Gordon became our Ambassadors in 2005. We are delighted to welcome them both as our newest recruits and as the first couple to sign-up to support Women’s Aid.

For further information on Women’s Aid’s Patrons, Ambassadors and celebrity supporters, please contact Lucy on 0117 983 7128.