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UKROLUKROL - UKRefuges Online

UKrefugesonline (UKROL) is a UK-wide online information system which contains information about domestic violence/abuse services available for women and children and refuge vacancies.

UKRefugesonline is supported and part funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government


What does the system include?

The UKROL system comprises a carefully password protected website, with a strict level of security that is available only to these refuge and domestic violence/abuse service providers and, via a confidentiality agreement, to those who are responsible for building and administering the system. The system includes: information about services and accommodation provided by refuge and domestic violence/abuse service providers; up to date information about vacancies (bedspaces) available; accurate and up-dated public and non-public contact details for referral process; search functions to enable searches for specific support services, geographical areas and of course, vacancies; permissions for inclusion in the UK Gold Book.

Who is the system managed by?

The UKROL project as a whole is managed by the 'Project Partners', namely: Women’s Aid Federation of Northern Ireland ; Scottish Women’s Aid; Welsh Women’s Aid; and Women’s Aid Federation of England. Each partner 'owns' and is responsible for the data and information collected within its remit. 

Who is responsible for coordinating UKrefugesonline?

Women's Aid Federation England are currently responsible for coordination of the UKROL project. Any queries about the technical site; funding and fund-raising; or the partnership, please contact Women's Aid on 0117 944 4411.

What is the Service Level Agreement?

All services that are included on and/or have access to UKROL are bound by the Service Level Agreement. This SLA outlines the role and responsibilities of individual services; managing agencies; and the UKROL Steering Group.     

How do I find out more about UKrefugesonline?

If your organisation provides direct services to women and children experiencing domestic and sexual abuse and you would like further information about the UKROL system please contact the relevant partner for your part of the United Kingdom.

If you are in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland please see the links below for contact details:

Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation
Scottish Women's Aid
Welsh Women's Aid

If you are in England you can either download an information pack or contact the UKROL Project Co-ordinator at Women's Aid, Sarah Davidge, by email or on 0117 9837136.

Included in the Introduction Pack is the following:
• Introduction to UKROL
• Service Level Agreement
• Criteria for Access and Inclusion Policy
• Access and Inclusion questionnaire
• Statement of Support
• UKROL Fee Structure

If you are also interested in taking out membership with Women’s aid you can find information on this and download the forms on this site.

If you decide after reading the information included in this pack that you would like to apply for access to or inclusion on UKROL, then please complete, sign and return the attached Access and Inclusion Questionnaire and Statement of Support. If you are applying for access to the system please also return the supporting information outlined on page four of the questionnaire and the signature page only of the Service Level Agreement. 

If you have any further questions then please contact the UKROL Project Co-ordinator by email or on 0117 983 7136.

Are you an existing user of UKrefugesonline?

If you are already using UKROL here are some guidance documents you may find useful.

A guide to using UKROLfor services
Adding users to UKROL a quick reference
Updating vacancies a quick reference