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Topic: Emotional abuse

woman-thinking Emotional abuse
My partner calls me names. Is this abuse?

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sax Amy's story
"The abuse started with the odd comment..."

emotionMost domestic violence includes emotional abuse, which can include such tactics such as:

  • destructive criticism, name calling, sulking
  • pressure tactics
  • lying to you, or to your friends and family about you
  • persistently putting you down in front of other people
  • never listening or responding when you talk
  • isolating you from friends and family, monitoring your phone calls, emails, texts and letters
  • checking up on you, following you, not letting you go out alone.

    The impact of emotional abuse may be even more devastating than physical assault - and have much longer term effects - yet most of the above behaviours are not crimes, and it's therefore much more difficult to obtain protection, or even to get others to take them seriously.