0808 2000 247 Free phone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline Run in partnership between Women’s Aid & Refuge
Women's Aid - The Survivor's Handbook - What can Women's Aid do for me?

What can Women's Aid do for me?

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Women's Aid is the national domestic violence charity which co-ordinates and supports an England-wide network of over 300 local organisations, providing over 500 projects which include refuge accommodation, outreach services, children's services, telephone helplines and information services.
Our work is built on 30 years of campaigning and developing new responses to domestic violence.
The services offered by local Women's Aid organisations may include:
  • Refuge accommodation: For further information, see What is a refuge and how can I stay in one?.
  • Outreach services: Outreach services have expanded in recent years, and in many areas there are a range of new initiatives including information services in rural areas, and specialist outreach services for women from minority ethnic communities.
  • Floating support: Domestic violence service providers have developed a range of services to reach out and offer support and help to women whether or not they are staying in refuge accommodation. Floating support is a specific type of outreach service that is designed to support women who wish to remain in their own homes (regardless of the type of tenancy they have), or who are in emergency or other temporary accommodation.
  • Aftercare and resettlement: Refuge organisations generally provide on-going support to women and children who have been accommodated within a refuge but have now left. This may be by follow-up work by the woman's key worker in her new home, by the woman visiting the refuge organisation, or by a resettlement worker funded through 'floating support' schemes.
  • Support groups for women who have experienced domestic violence. These enable women to share experiences and support each other.
  • Activities and support services for children.
  • Independent advocacy services are being developed in many areas to give information to those experiencing domestic violence and to support them if they choose to take their abuser to court.
  • Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247, run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge.