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What is domestic violence? 26.02.14
Find out the definition of domestic violence and information on why it happens, the cost to society etc.
A historical perspective 07.10.08
Access a powerpoint presentation which gives a historical perspective on domestic violence.
Support for survivors: moving on after abuse 19.12.07
If you are recovering from a violent relationship, you may find the questions and answers in this article relevant to your situation.
Support for survivors: popular questions about domestic violence 12.12.07
The questions asked in this article may be relevant to women experiencing domestic violence, for example, "will my partner change?"
Support for family and friends of women experiencing abuse 12.12.07
One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. The chances are high that you may know a sister, mum, colleague, cousin or friend who is experiencing violence behind closed doors. View questions and answers which may be relevant to your situation below.
Support for survivors: emotional abuse 12.12.07
Women experiencing emotional abuse may find the questions and answers in this article relevant to their situation.
Support for survivors: abuse from family members 12.12.07
Women being abused by other family members may find the questions and answers in this article relevant to their situation.
Exploding the myths 07.12.07
Do you ever hear people say, "it only happens to certain types of women", or "she can leave at any time"? This article explores the myths around domestic abuse.
Cycle of violence 24.07.07
The term “Cycle of Violence” is used in two distinct ways to refer to two separate models of domestic violence and abusive behaviour,which is both confusing and misleading.  Learn about the two models and what they mean.