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Statistics: prosecution for domestic violence cases 06.02.08

Successful prosecutions for domestic violence cases rose from 46% (of all cases brought before the courts) in a December 2003 'snapshot' to 65% during the whole of 2006-07. By September 2007, successful prosecutions had reached 68%. Vernon Coaker MP (in response to PQ from Jim Cunningham MP) attributed this rise to a number of government initiatives including:

  • The National Delivery Plan for Domestic Violence which has an objective to improve the criminal justice response to domestic violence, including actions to increase reporting, arrests and conviction rates for domestic violence. 
  • The continued expansion of the Specialist Domestic Violence Court (SDVC) Programme. From April 2007, 64 SDVCs were operational, with more planned which will bring the total to over 100.
  • Guidance and training is being rolled out to all police officers and Crown prosecutors to improve investigations and increase successful prosecutions for domestic violence.
  • Domestic Violence Co-ordinators have been identified in all police force and Crown Prosecution Service areas to co-ordinate individual agencies' responses to domestic violence.
  • Funding has been made available for Independent Domestic Violence Advisers, whose involvement with victims of domestic violence has been shown to reduce the number of victims unwilling to support a prosecution.