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Statistics: men as victims of domestic violence 14.08.06


Women's Aid information and support services exist to respond to the needs of women and children. However, we recognise that controlling and abusive behaviour can also occur in male gay relationships and by women against men. View statistics below on men and domestic abuse.


  • Gender and domestic violence: Statistics  According to British Crime Survey data "…of those women who have been subject to domestic force half (48%) have also been subject to frightening threats and nearly half (41%) to emotional or financial abuse. However, men's experiences are much less nested, that is, of those subject to domestic force, only 9 per cent had also experienced frightening threats and 28 per cent emotional or financial abuse".  (Walby & Allen 2004)

  • Gender and domestic violence: Statistics: 1% of men reported frightening threats (since 16 years of age) compared to 11% of women. The researchers commented that "the context of fear is an important element in the understanding of domestic violence as a pattern of coercive control".  (Walby & Allen 2004 from analysis of British Crime Survey data.)

  • Men as victims: Research conducted with male respondents to the Scottish Crime Survey 2000 found that men were less likely to have been repeat victims of domestic assault, less likely to be seriously injured and less likely to report feeling fearful in their own homes. The survey retraced men who were counted as victims in the Scottish Crime Survey and found that a majority of the men who said that they were victims of domestic violence, were also perpetrators of violence (13 of 22). A significant number of the men re-interviewed (13 out of 46) later said they had actually never experienced any form of domestic abuse (Scottish Executive Central Research Unit, 2002).  

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