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Domestic Abuse, Money and Education project (DAME) overview 06.09.12


DAME study pilot report

DAME final report

DAME executive summary


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Women’s Aid and Money Advice Plus Services (MAPS) have launched new guidance for those working with survivors who have experienced financial abuse as part of their joint Domestic Abuse and Money Education project. The free DAME toolkit can be accessed from the below links. 

Domestic Abuse and Money Education: Guidance for Professionals Supporting Survivors with Financial Issues

It is recognised that financial abuse is a common feature of domestic abuse and many survivors face financial difficulties as a consequence of the abuse they experience. These can act as a barrier to making the final decision to leave an abusive relationship, and/or to making a fresh start after escaping from abuse.

Despite this, support in relation to these financial difficulties is limited; domestic abuse services often lack the resources to provide in depth money advice, and most money advice projects do not specialise in dealing with domestic abuse cases.

About DAME

DAME is a three-year project ending in October 2012, funded by the Nationwide Foundation, providing telephone-based money and debt advice and casework to help survivors of domestic abuse who are experiencing financial difficulties. A Money Advice Pack has been developed for delivery with the aim of increasing the knowledge and confidence of workers in both domestic abuse and money advice sectors when assisting survivors who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Evaluation of the DAME project

Between April 2010 and June 2012 Women's Aid has undertaken active research to evaluate the dedicated model of delivery provided by the DAME project.

Read the report on the study pilot stage of the project.

Read the final report on the DAME project.

Read the executive summary of the DAME project.