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Women's Aid Annual Survey 02.04.13

womanholdingbabyinairWomen's Aid conducts a survey of our national network of services each year in order to ascertain the use of domestic violence services within England. From 2006 we have also undertaken a Residents' Survey to provide socio-demographic information about a sample of women residents within refuge services on one day.

These surveys provide us with information about services provided, and the number of women and children supported by Women's Aid national network, and also give us a more detailed snap shot of those using domestic violence services on a specific day. We are currently conducting the 2013 survey.

Summaries of previous surveys can be downloaded below.


Women's Aid Annual Survey 2013

This year's Annual Survey is taking place in June.

For this year, 2013,  

  • the day to count snapshot for refuge services will be 27th June 
  • the snapshot week for non-refuge services will be 24th - 28th June inclusive

There are three separate questionnaires:

  1. Survey of refuge and non-refuge services for the year ending March 2013 (Survey 1)
  2. ‘Day to Count’ / Week to Count snapshot (Survey 2)
  3. Service Users’ Feedback (Survey 3)

Responses are requested by 5th July

This information is vital to help us build up a picture of local provision and survivors and forms the basis for our policy and campaigning work. 

If you are a provider of domestic or sexual violence services and have not received these questionnaires, please email Marilyn for electronic copies.

Many thanks for supporting the surveys.